November 16, 2014

What is Gratitude Marketing?

Since the changing the title of this blog, maybe we should revisit the definition of what we are discussing. What is Gratitude Marketing and how does it differ from Appreciation Marketing? Is there a difference other than the word that comes before “Marketing”?

If we search for the word “gratitude” in a thesaurus, it will result in the word “appreciation”. Do dictionaries use one to define the other? Appreciation Marketing is when we show appreciation for everyone, whether they are our current clients, prospects, or other relationships. Gratitude Marketing is when we show our gratitude to everyone, our clients, prospects, family, friends, casual acquaintances, total strangers, for what they do for us, for others, and for what they are in life. Is there a difference in showing appreciation as opposed to showing gratitude?

For clients, we must show gratitude for their business, for their continued business, and for their referrals. They have put money in our pockets, and the least that we can do is thank them. We must do this without asking them to buy anything else, or trying to sell them an upgrade or the newer, more improved model of whatever we have. That type of message should always be separate from the ones expressing our gratitude.

In addition we should recognize their events in life. This includes their birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and other accomplishments. This means that we recognize these accomplishments as noteworthy in the life of someone with whom we have a relationship that is significant to us.

Besides thanking someone for being our client in the first place, we should show gratitude for their continuing to be our client, for their renewals, their upgrades, or their latest referral. In addition to this, recognize that they have been in business for each and every anniversary of starting their own business. That anniversary should be acknowledged for the great event that it is each year.

Remember that marketing is everything that we do every day, from the first words that we utter in the morning until we close our eyes at night. It is every sound we make, every smile or frown, and every nod. It is our gestures, actions, everything that we do. It is every printed word that comes from us, and every reaction to everything that we perceive in life. We are our own marketing.

As we go about our days, why not make our marketing based on gratitude for others and what they do? Stop being sales people and be marketing consultants. Be givers to others, givers of gratitude. Discover what others need, and help them get what they need, or help them find the person, or persons, who can help them get what they need. If we practice karma and put gratitude forth, we will receive gratitude in return.

How about a challenge? As we go about the next day, next week, and next month, see how many others to whom we can show gratitude for what they do for everyone else, not just for us. What happens when we start with one person per day, and we discover just how many others to whom we can show gratitude? We can start a revolution for marketing in general. Please comment here, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691 and let me hear from you.

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