September 21, 2014

Your Business Problems

Operating a business involves many aspects, some of which we can perform, some of which require that we must involve other entities. We cannot do it all, and we must understand that fact and implement the steps that take advantage of the talents, services, and products of others outside our business staff or organization.

Maybe you founded your business with the theory of being a solo operator, standing on your own feet, promoting ideas that you developed, and answering only to yourself. You did not want to grow the operation beyond that initial scope, and you did not want to involve any staff for whose actions you needed to answer or support.

For 10 years I attempted to operate a business where I was this type of person. I did not want to grow the business any larger in staff. I trusted only myself to perform at the same level that I intended. I also did not want to be responsible for fulfilling promises made by anyone on my staff who should not have made those promises. Looking backwards, maybe I was very short-sighted.

Any business that succeeds will grow and must grow both in clients and the ability to support those clients. That is very difficult for a solo operator who does not want the problems of staff and all that involves. Does this mean that you must start hiring staff and implementing all the “stuff” that this hiring requires? Maybe it does, but maybe not.

We have networking partners and relationships with those in other businesses and in our personal lives. They are the people who may have the solutions to our problems. These solutions may be products, services, or just knowledge or other referrals to those people with whom we do not yet have relationships. Try tapping into your network and let your relationships help you with your problems.

You must realize that when you ask your relationships for their assistance with problems, it means that you will have to share the information regarding those problems with those others from whom you need assistance. Never believe that you are the first business person who needs help, nor are you the first business person to ask others for that help. Don’t let your silly pride stop your quest for information; don’t believe that your networking partners will never need to come to you for similar help.

If you have practiced the philosophy of Appreciation Marketing, you have numerous partners whom you can honestly and openly trust with discussing your problems. You can also trust them to ask for their assistance in solving your problems. If they are successful, they may have faced many of those situations and survived them. Their experiences are valuable, and their assistance and support are valuable to you.

Every business has experienced, or will experience, problems during its existence. Never believe that you are alone in that fact. Never believe that you must stand alone. It is not an exhibition of weakness to ask for the help of your networking partners. After all, they are your partners for a reason, a shared desire, and willingness, to provide a mutually beneficial partnership for success.

Who do you go to for information or help in solving your problems in your life, either in business or your personal life? Can you go to your networking partners, and are you comfortable in your relationships to seek their assistance? Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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  1. Wise words again this week, Jim. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.