September 28, 2014

Repeat Clients

Would you rather have repeat clients or one time customers? Would you rather have to search out and market to customers who buy from you once and vanish, or would you rather have clients who return over and over again for your products or services? Which is preferable, a client who has an automatic, standing order or ones that you need to find and market to every time?

Repeat clients are the ones who get the preferred table in a restaurant, because they are there so often. Repeat clients are the ones who have their order on “subscription”, revising it seldom, usually to make it larger. Repeat clients are assets of your business.

You must “discover” the one time customers, convince them of the worth of your product or service, and then convince them to make a purchase. After all that, you start the prospecting process over and over again, justifying each purchase to your potential customers, and hoping that they remain a customer over time.

Which do you think is better for the health of your business? Which is better for your own health and peace of mind? Do you really think it is more fun to constantly “troll” for new clients, or would you enjoy life more if you had repeat clients who you didn’t have to chase? The questions answer themselves.

Remember the television show Cheers? Everyone wanted to go where they were welcome and people knew their names. Apply that logic to running your business. Maybe if you learned the names of all your customers, they might remain your customers longer. Maybe if you recognized their business for the value that it is, and appreciated their business, they would become, and remain, repeat clients.

Appreciation Marketing means that your clients remember how you treated them far longer than they will remember what you sold to them. Practice Appreciation Marketing and have repeat clients instead of one-shot customers. Show your appreciation for their business, and they will refer more business to you, and you can stop cold calling.

Learn the names of your clients and all the names of their spouses and children. Learn what makes them special and what their birth dates and anniversary dates are. Learn the date that they started their business and why they did. Learn what they like and what they don’t like. Then tailor your marketing to them around all that information.

Tell them “thank you” for their business, and thank them every year for remaining your repeat client. Thank them for their referrals, each one of which puts more money into your pocket. Notice their birthdays and anniversaries, including the ones of their children. Notice the special events in their lives, opening a new branch, relocating their main location, or some special accomplishment of theirs.

Which would you prefer in your business, the repeat clients whose order is automatic, or the one-shot customer whose order requires you to chase it down, never to be seen again? Which, client or customer, will bring new clients to you because they know your name and remember how you treated them, appreciating their business, referrals, and relationship? Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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