July 27, 2014

Another Viewpoint

Do you ever look at your business from a different viewpoint? We all should analyze our businesses from the viewpoint of the owner, manager, or employee, but do you ever look at it from the viewpoint of the customer? Do you ever see your business as others see it, maybe your competitors?

Have you ever heard the expression that we cannot see the forest because of the trees? We often cannot see the pluses and minus in our businesses for the other details of its operation, both good and bad. We should frequently step away and take a look at our businesses from the viewpoint of the customer or maybe from the vantage point of a competitor.

I have always said that we need to make the customer buying experience the best that we can. What if we look at our business as a whole from the view of the customer, the prospect, and the competitor? What do we see? Do we see a business with which we want to engage in a partnership? Do we want the products or services offered? Do we need these products or services, and are we willing to pay a fair price for them? What would even be a fair price?

What does a prospect see in the types of staff your business has? Are your representatives honest, ethical, and interested in discovering what a prospect needs before trying to sell what your business markets? Do you stand behind your employees, and do you hold them accountable for their actions? What happens if you cannot deliver a product or service in the manner promised or on time; what actions do you take to make the customer whole?

What do your competitors think of your business, your products or services, your employees, or your business practices? Do they respect you, or do they look down on your practices and lack of customer service? Do your competitors envy you and imitate you out of respect, or do they laugh at your lack of skills or honor? How much do they know about the inner workings of your business, the behind the scenes reasons for what you do and how you do it? Is their opinion valid?

How do your employees or family members feel about your business? Do they respect what they do for you, or are your employees ashamed because they dislike their duties in the normal business day? How does your family feel about your business which represents your family name and which impacts their lives? Are they proud of what you do, or are they blinded by the results and benefits?

Interesting questions, aren’t they? We all should periodically take a look at our business through the eyes of our clients, our prospects, our employees, and even our competitors and family. We cannot imagine how many lives we touch in a day’s time until we stop and consider how we impact others and what they may think of us. Only through honest evaluation of the opinions of others can we take actions that will improve our business practices and make our operations more successful.

Your networking partners can give you advice in operating your business from the outsider’s point of view. However, the best points of view may be those of the people closest to our operations. Family members may not provide the most honest opinions, but former clients may be a great source of help in discovering what ails our businesses. Perhaps they should be on our frequent contact list for that reason alone.

What do you do to take an honest look at your business? Do you ever look at it from the viewpoint of others, both outside and inside? Whose opinion do you value when you are looking for improvements to make or to validate what your business practices are now? Please leave me your comments, or email me at Jim@JimTeasley.com, or call me at 360-314-8691. Even the best and most successful operations may need another point of view sometime.

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