June 8, 2014


All of us find ourselves plagued every now and then by frustration. It is not unique to anyone or to any endeavor. It does not matter who we are or what we do, frustration will visit us and annoy us as we try to operate our businesses or just live our lives.

It may be the prospect who doesn’t see that whatever we are marketing is the ideal product or service for their needs. It may be the person who we want to get to know better and then later we discover that they are not who we believed them to be. It may be the employee or associate who doesn’t understand that we don’t agree with how they believe our business should operate.

Frustration finds us all sooner or later, so how do we deal with it and how do we not allow it to ruin our lives, both personal and in business?

First, and foremost, we must realize that everything that we attempt will not always work out as we planned. That’s just a part of life. We must allow for the fact that our prospects, clients, employees, and others are human, subject to human failings or misunderstandings.

When frustration arrives, we must look carefully at what happened and reorganize our efforts and try again. Maybe we need to explain ourselves in greater or better detail. Maybe we need to have more patience with others. Maybe we are attempting to perform a task that just shouldn’t or cannot be completed as we hoped. Every situation is different, and we must sometimes take different approaches to handle those situations.

Will every prospect become a client, of course not? Will every employee or associate see or understand our vision of how our business should operate? That will never happen. We must learn that we will be victims of frustration, recognize it for what it is, and deal with it. Do any of us believe that we are the only person who gets frustrated?

Second, we must never allow our frustration to warp our level of customer service or relations. The frustration of one prospect who doesn’t agree with our proposals to make their life better must not lessen our positive approach to anyone else, unless we can make our marketing better for all. Do not allow frustration to show to others or become the grumpy sales person. Remain the upbeat, positive marketing consultant.

Finally, discuss your frustration with a trusted partner, someone with whom you have a mutually beneficial relationship. That type of relationship will prevent the other person from believing that you are weak or stupid. They should just realize that a friend, a partner, needs someone to listen and perhaps help find a solution to a situation. Often, allowing yourself to vent your frustration with a friend is all you need.

Frustration will be a part of all our lives, and it will take many forms. Learn to recognize it for what it is and what it is not. It is temporary, and we can deal with it. It should not be permanent and should not damage our lives any more than we allow it to do so. Deal with it and move on to a better life, building success through your networking partnerships with positive, supportive relationships.

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