May 11, 2014

Job Fair

There is a no cost Job Fair on Wednesday, May 14th, from 1 – 5 PM, at the Red Lion at the Quay, 100 Columbia ST, Vancouver, WA 98660. As a participating business, some helpful ideas on these events seems appropriate. Come see us at the fair and give us your thoughts on Appreciation Marketing as a business guideline.

Why does anyone attend these events? If you are looking for a new career, dislike your current position, commute, manager, or company, or just want to test the market, you may want to attend job fairs. Maybe you are out of work and want to market your talents to various businesses; perhaps you just want to learn about different opportunities.

This type of event offers an occasion to discuss options with multiple businesses at one time. You may meet recruiters, businesses in your field of interest, or representatives from industries that you may not have considered. It is the chance to market yourself or to gather information that you may need in your future.

As in any networking event, you have the opportunity to impress the participating businesses who may want to offer you a new career. You also have the time to gather information about business and industries without the pressure of a formal interview situation. Finally there are many people from different backgrounds in attendance that you might meet and from whom you may gain information.

Make sure that you look your professional best, but wear comfortable shoes because you may be “on your feet” longer than you might expect. Arrive on time to be able to take advantage of the maximum time available. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity because you didn’t leave enough time to look around.

Remember to never turn down any option before it is actually offered. Always leave a door open to have a discussion about any potential with any industry. If you are interested in a particular business, but not the opportunities presently available, let the representatives know that you find the business interesting and that you wish to have further discussions.

Always allow enough time to chat with other participants. They may have researched other businesses or industries that may interest you. Their information may help you in your quest or it may shorten your search time. No amount of information is too little or too much when you need it. In addition, it is not who you meet, but who they may know that might help you, and you may be able to assist someone else in their search.

Job fairs are wonderful for information exchanges for all present, especially businesses wanting to showcase their opportunities to career seekers. The setting is informal, more relaxed than an interview setting, perhaps the smooth beginning of a more in-depth process, and very inexpensive for all. Make a great impression, gather information from everyone you meet, and market yourself to anyone there, anyone at all.

Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691. Job fairs are excellent opportunities to showcase your talents and great experience to multiple participating businesses, to research industries and businesses that you may not have considered, and to receive information from others in attendance regarding other opportunities and ideas. Your information may even help them also.

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