April 27, 2014

Know, Like, Trust

In his book, Endless Referrals, Bob Burg tells us that we should build relationships with people whom we know, like, and trust. People do business with, and refer business to, those people who they know, like, and trust. When we meet people for the first time, we must be willing to work to establish relationships with those people.

What does know, like, and trust really mean? Relationships are two way streets and should be built on mutual action, and effort, by both participants. We are both involved in the relationship that we are building, and we both will benefit from it when it is built. We both must participate in the forming and building of these relationships.

When we first meet anyone, do we “know” each other immediately? We must meet again with each other, chat about business, life, sports, each other, whatever helps us get to know one another. We must decide if we “like” each other through conversation, watching our actions as well as listening to our words. We must “feel” the relationship start to build. Then we can move to trust, the most important part of any relationship.

If we do not trust each other, we cannot pass referrals to each other. Referrals reflect our reputation and are the basis for building that reputation with others. Referrals are a two way street and involve all parties. We must trust the referred person and the person to whom we refer them. We must trust ourselves when making an appropriate referral, and the other two parties must trust us and our wisdom in making the referral.

We must stop being sales people, we must become relationship builders, relationships which allow both partners to thrive, prosper, and succeed. These relationships should include partners who are vested in each other’s success, helping each other to grow their businesses in any manner possible. Relationships may result in sales to one another, but they should result in referrals for mutual success.

We must inquire into the other person to discover what it is that they need, want, or seek to enhance the success of their business or life. Perhaps they need a business coach, maybe they are looking to change careers, or possibly they need to hire employees. How can we help them discover what they need? This process of deciding if we know, like and trust each other should provide insight to mutual needs.

We may not have what they need, but we may know someone else who does. We may not know someone else who does, but we may know someone who may know that someone. We must focus on helping others, not on the sale that we would like to make. Taking care of the needs of others is good karma. Putting forth good karma will result in good karma for us in return.

Meeting others who share our beliefs, objectives, ethics, and goals is the normal focus of all of us. We network with others who we know, like, and trust. We meet others with whom we start building relationships with the intent of mutual success. Getting to know, like, and trust those people we meet and building relationships that lead to success will allow all of us to move forward in our businesses and our lives.

Please leave me your comments, or email me at Jim@JimTeasley.com, or call me at 360-314-8691. Get to know, like, and trust other people and build relationships that benefit all of us. Remember that karma brings everything back to us sooner or later, both good and bad.

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