April 20, 2014

Be Consistent

When starting a business we have an objective when marketing our products or service. Over time we may change our products or services, but we should be consistent in our messages that we use to market our business. We may change the words as our product line varies, but the basic message that we put forth should be consistent

We all must develop our core values and the messages that support those core values while we are varying the messages that support our product line. Our core values may remain the same and be consistent over time. No matter what product or service we may offer, we must be consistent with our messages regarding our core values.

These messages are the words that we speak, print, or even imply in our daily marketing. They are also the actions that we, and any employees that we have, show to the world. Marketing is everything that we do from the time we wake up in the morning until we go to sleep. It is the perception that people gain from the actions of all of us that represent any business.

When we attend networking meetings we put forth a message about our business. We are marketing our business, not selling any particular product or service. We may mention a product or service, but the underlying message is about us and our business. We are not trolling for a customer; we are looking to establish relationships.

What type of message do we put forth when we attend a networking meeting once, and never return again? We allow people to believe that we were just looking to sell to clients, and when we didn’t at the meeting that we attended, we didn’t see any value in returning. We should attend any meeting at least twice to gain an accurate look at the group’s membership and the flow of the meeting.

Let’s say the group’s make up just doesn’t feel comfortable to us. Maybe the meeting time or place is inconvenient to us, or maybe the other attendees don’t support our core values. Could we influence change in the group to improve the prospective for success for everyone? Maybe the group represents an opportunity for mutual prosperity for all the members if we contribute to the betterment of all the attendees.

Remember that our core values must be reflected in all of our marketing efforts. No matter the product or service that we have developed for our clients, all of them must conform to our core values and the marketing for each must also conform. If we market any offering in a way that conflicts with our core values, we will be discovered quickly and our business success will suffer from our failure to be consistent.

What are our core values? How does our marketing reflect our core values, and how do we and our employees’ actions reflect our core values? Remember that marketing is everything that we, our employees, and our business put forth each and every day. Market consistently with our core values in mind, and our businesses will thrive. We must make sure that the public knows what our core values are.

Please leave me your comments, or email me at Jim@JimTeasley.com, or call me at 360-314-8691. How do your business partnerships reflect your core values, and do your partners hear your core values in every marketing message? If an individual marketing message for one product conflicts with the overall impression that you put forth, change it. Protect your overall reputation by being consistent.

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  1. Right on again, Mr. Jim. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.