March 23, 2014


The idea of reaching out and helping others realize their dreams resulted in several calls about those who do just the opposite. These people do their best to make their acquaintances “see the light” and make them understand that they will never realize their dreams, especially by means of the path that they have chosen. They tell their “friends” that they aren’t seeing the truth and “that won’t really work”, whatever “that” is.

These people attempt to convince us that we will never be able to rise to the level to which we aspire and that the means which we may have chosen to succeed on that journey is not reality. They will cajole, argue, and make fun of us for our dreams and claim to know what we should do.

Actually these people are afraid that if we dream of bettering our status in life, and actually attain that dream or that success, we will see them for what they really are, skeptics who don’t have our best interests at heart. We cannot allow ourselves to be held back by these people, those who doubt that dreams can come true and that we can accomplish our dreams.

These people are the “hangers-on” who want to ride on our coattails for the rest of our lives, if we allow them to do so, all the time telling us how we will fail. They are the people will take from us without ever giving to other people and will sap our energy from us. They do not want to be proven wrong for that would mean that they don’t know, or want, what is best for us.

These people are full of negative karma, and they will poison our minds, hearts, and souls. They will drain us of our ambition and our drive to success. They do not have our best interests at heart nor do they care about giving to give. They only want to prove themselves right by crushing our dreams and our efforts to accomplish those dreams.

They always have someone who told them how life should be lived (which is opposite from what we dream), or they believe that if what they have accomplished was good enough for their parents and grandparents, it is good enough for them, and for us. They always know someone who knows more than we do.

These are not our “friends”; they are the millstones which will drag us away from our dreams and keep us from our success in life. We must continue to dream and keep revising our dreams to ever higher levels. Do you want to build your business by so many clients this year? Why not double that next year? Do you want to start a business from scratch? Why not take it to a profitable level next year?

Dreams are like goals: they should be obtainable, but they should challenge us to revise and raise the level from time to time. We should be able to measure our goals as well as our dreams. We should be able to explain what attaining them will mean for us. We must know the “why” we want to attain them. Then, they will mean more to us, both while we are striving towards them as well as when we reach them.

Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691. Watch out for skeptics and don’t let them anchor you to your past life. They don’t have your best interests in their hearts because they don’t know what is in yours. Dreams take courage; obtaining them takes a lot of courage, sometimes enough to say no to others whose karma is negative and selfish.

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  1. Right on Mr. Teasley! Success breeds success and associating with optimistic, successful folks who encourage us to be the best that we can be is critically important. Ignore the "Debbie Downers" of the world!