March 30, 2014


How do we feel inside about our own abilities to succeed? Are we afraid of failure or of our own capabilities to be successful? The fear of failure can paralyze us to the point that we cannot succeed in spite of our abilities and our methods of work. We must not allow our own fears to cloud our vision and delay or prevent our move forward.

Last week, in discussing skeptics, we touched on how other people in our lives can darken our insight and prevent us from achieving success. We must have faith in ourselves and in our abilities to work towards success. We cannot allow those who are jealous of our success and the ability to rise above their levels of attainment, or failure, to hold us back in our work towards our future achievement.

We must believe in ourselves. In an interview before he won the Super Bowl, a victory he guaranteed, Joe Namath said that if we don’t believe in ourselves, no one else will. We must believe that we are the best at what we do, no matter what it is. We must believe that we provide the best service or product possible and that we are the best person to provide that product or service.

What if we meet someone who may be at the same level as we are, or even better? We must then “step up” what we do or what we market. We need to always improve constantly, not only in our product or service, but in our marketing. We must always be learning, using what we learn to better whatever we do. We cannot allow our fear to burden us and slow us down. Constant improvement must be the norm.

Fear can take many forms and appear in many places. We need to recognize fear in our marketing and our learning. Do not be afraid to try something new that has never been part of our package before, especially in our marketing. Do not allow fear to land us in a rut. Attempting something that we have learned may produce something new in our goals. Who knows, maybe we learn something else new in the results.

So where do we go for someone’s opinion on these new approaches that we can try or to review the results? The best place to gain this help is from our networking partners. We have built networking relationships with others who share our visions and our dreams. Who better to ask for advice about new approaches and to help us evaluate the results than our partners. Then help them try some new approaches themselves.

Sometimes we can partner with our peers and try new approaches together. It is always better to travel a new road with a friend, someone who shares our fear and helps us conquer it. When we attempt anything new, companionship with others makes us braver, more apt to move forward confidently, not prone to giving up before success can be achieved. Partnerships can bring us all success together.

Fear can be very intimidating. Being afraid of failure will prevent us from achieving the success that we all can attain. We cannot allow our fears to prevent us from sharing our methods to achieve success with others with whom we have formed our networking partnerships and relationships. We cannot be fearful of trying new things, venturing into places where we have never traveled, even though others try to tell us “better”.

Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691. Believe in yourself and your partners, moving towards success together in spite of your fears, your doubts, and even the skeptics who want to hold you back.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Jim. Wise words as usual. If Edison feared failure we wouldn't have the light for your to write or for me to read these words.