March 2, 2014

Face To Face

Many business people believe that electronic media is the way to market their product or services and never attempt to meet anyone face to face. We have an abundance of electronic means of communication available to us today, but I still believe that face to face contact, or networking, is the best method possible. There is nothing that is more productive or more sincere than meeting face to face.

I utilize many of these electronic communication methods myself to contact, train, research, and even socialize. I also know that very seldom does anything substantial happen until there is a face to face meeting and communication. Most times everything else leads up to that meeting and the finalization that occurs during it.

Connecting on a personal or face to face basis is the foundation of much of the success of the top business leaders of all times. This personal connection is the concrete footing for relationships, and relationships are the basis for successful business. Doing business with someone whom you have never actually met is like forming a relationship online to get married and discovering the love of your life is a speed freak in the desert.

When you network and attempt to form business relationships, you are constructing partnerships for mutual success. The relationships might bring you the immediate customer, one whom you must nurture in this relationship with you. You should develop that customer into a client who will continue to purchase from you, have a vested interest in your continued success, and refer customers to you.

Some relationships that you form may fail to bring you immediate customers, but may bring you partners who believe in your integrity and offerings so much that they will refer others customers to you. The way that you treat these referred customers may, or may not, result in the original partner becoming a customer, but it will assuredly result in more referrals from that same partner, as well as from the referral.

Businesses which fail to make these face to face meetings have lost the personal touch, relying on the “spray and pray” method of marketing for their success. The personal meeting, where you can look into the other person’s eyes, hear the inflections in their voice, and watch their other mannerisms allows you to tailor your marketing discussion as the conversation takes place. This allows you to listen and hear the other party.

Marketing is not only about presenting what you have to offer. It is about being a consultant, listening to what others need and want, and then finding a way for them to obtain their objective. That may be what we have to offer, or it may be someone else who has the solution to their hunt, but we can be the person who helps them get it. We have to listen, and electronic communication does not let us do so.

Do not stop communicating electronically with others. Incorporate face to face contact within your marketing efforts and pepper these face to face meeting with your best listening skills. Then, stop being a sales person and become a marketing consultant, helping them locate what they need or want, or someone else who can help them in their search. You will be rewarded for your approach and your efforts.

Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691. Network with appreciation for others and meet with others face to face. You will be surprised at how much success that brings to everyone.

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  1. Trust me, there are PLENTY of people who "spray and pray" in person. Random networking is the same as "spray and pray". You go to some meeting where networking will happen. 80% of the people have focus and intention. But there are always those 20% who say "I represent xxx. Let's have coffee." They have no focus for who they want to meet, and if you actually do try to connect, you generally find that they mistakenly believe that EVERYBODY needs to be a customer of whatever xxx is. They are generally not useful for making connections to other people.

    My personal experience is that you find these people most often at focus-less networking events (as opposed to, for instance, networking events specifically for financial professionals or techs who use a specific software platform), or "networking" events for job-seekers.

    It's actually more annoying to encounter "spray and pray" in person than online. I read much faster than most people talk. As soon as I can tell it's spray and pray I click delete. In person, you have to suffer the spiel, then if you've been accosted directly, you still need to be polite in your responses.

    IMO, the BEST way to show appreciation for others is to use Steve Covey's habit #5 of his 7 habits: Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Be thorough and comprehensive about learning about the other person and his/her goals FIRST, before you present your own message. If what you offer is professional photographic services and you find out that the other person manages programs for the blind, then probably don't actually have anything to offer, yourself, but might be a conduit to services they need like banking.

    Spray and Pray is in how the person approaches networking. It has nothing to do whether it's in person or electronic.