March 9, 2014

Dare to Dream

Too many people today have lost the ability or the desire to dream. It does not matter what you dream about: your work, your family, your health, your life in general, or something very specific, you must dare to dream. If you stop dreaming, you will lose the momentum to succeed in whatever you wish to attain.

Perhaps you have a job that you go to each day which is boring or seems to have no point of achievement. Do you dare to dream about another career which will fulfill your desires and needs to gain that achievement or success level that you wish? Do you dare to dream about making your position more rewarding and more fulfilling so you believe that you could be motivated? Why not?

Do you dare to dream about making your health better so that you can enjoy your later years with your family or friends, or just so you will live a full and active life? Maybe you are in a state of health that seems to have a deadline that is sooner rather than later, but does that mean that you cannot dare to dream about enjoying the time remaining.

Want to spend more time with your children instead of working all the time? Want to improve the time that you do spend with your family? Want to make your life better, happier, or even spend time with new people instead of the ones you see every day at work, play, or otherwise? Dare to dream about how you can change your life and achieve your goals. Goals should be those things that you strive for and achieve.

What can you do besides idle day dreaming? You can dream that you can achieve your dreams and then go about doing whatever you need to do to achieve them. Start with research, talking to others who have achieved what you want or similar goals. Read books, go to meetings about your dreams, and confide in others who may support and encourage your dreams. Share your dreams with other people who also dream.

Think that your dreams are silly and not possible to be achieved? Who told you that? Has anyone else dreamed similar dreams and failed? Sure they have. Edison failed over and over until he invented the electric light bulb. But he kept dreaming and working, doing his research and asking for help from others.

Stop surrounding yourself with those people who discourage you and tell you that you cannot achieve your dreams. Maybe they don’t know what they are talking about and don’t want you to bypass their level of failure. Too bad for them if you succeed where they were too afraid to dream and follow through on their dreams. You might leave them in the dust, making new friends who share your dreams and accomplishments.

Those who know me well may have heard my story about my dreams and how I achieved the biggest one of all. If you haven’t, ask me and I will tell you all the details, good and bad, and how I was rescued from the lowest point of my life. If you don’t want to hear it, tell me your dreams, I’ll be glad to discuss what we can do about them.

Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691. Dare to dream and then dare to achieve those dreams through the help of others who have dreamed similar dreams or who will help you succeed. That is the best part of relationships, helping others to achieve their dreams. Courage to dream and accomplish dreams can be contagious.

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