February 23, 2014

Appreciation Marketing – Transfer Your Skills

Marketing is what all of us do, every day and every minute of our lives. It is what we do from the moment that our feet hit the floor each morning until our heads lay down on our pillows at night. What happens when we don’t have a product or service to market; what happens when the organization or company for which we worked and which we represented is no longer in business, or our position there no longer exists?

Let’s say that your company closes, or your position is eliminated, or, for whatever reason, you are no longer working within any organization. What do you do to regain that status in life again, to put yourself back into the life that you previous had? You market yourself to everyone that you know. You network wherever you can.

If you never were involved in marketing before, you now must market yourself. You are the product or entity that you know better than anyone else. Therefore, you should be able to market yourself to others, to represent yourself as an available asset for any business or organization. That is what you must do for yourself.

You must become aware of the talent, experience, and skill that you have. The industry that you left may be obsolete; maybe the industry that you left is saturated and there are no openings for your talent. Then, what do you do with your talent, experience, and skill? You must become aware of the fact that your skills and talent are transferable to other industries which are different from which you came.

How do you find a new home for yourself, where you can utilize this talent, experience, and skill? You market yourself to everyone that you know. You network more than you did before. Even if you were not responsible for marketing in your previous organization, even if you never were networking outside your business, you must do so now. You must get out into the world and market to everyone.

It is said that without marketing, no one would know of a business’s existence unless they stumbled upon them on the street or otherwise. It is the same when someone is looking for their next career opportunity. You must let others know of your existence, and marketing is how you do it. Networking is the easiest, and most reasonably priced, method for someone like you to market. It is also the most personal method.

Where else can you be in the same room with the representatives, including owners, of organizations? Where else can you have a stage on which to showcase your ability to build relationships, the backbone of business success? Where else can you have the opportunity to meet someone who may know someone else who can help you? It may not be the person that you meet, but who they may know that will bring you success.

The people that you meet, who come to know, like, and trust you, will refer you to others who may be looking for just your talent, experience, and skill. If needed, you must be willing to transfer those traits to a new industry or business and step outside your comfort zone in order to open up and receive that referral. But you did that when you went networking for the first time.

Please leave me your comments, or email me at Jim@JimTeasley.com, or call me at 360-314-8691. Go networking; start marketing yourself and all that transferrable talent. Then, look for those others who you can assist in their own next career search.

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