January 26, 2014

Appreciation Marketing – Still in Business?

When you started your business you had an idea about what you wanted to do, to provide a product or service for others. You had some level of knowledge about what you wanted to offer to the world, but you realized that you did not know everything. Therefore, you found partners that filled out what you knew about your offering.

You also did not know everything about the running of a business. You needed someone to teach you about human resources, funding, facilities, and management of the world that you were creating. You learned from them or had them work for you.

If you are either the owner of a business or an employee, did you do this? Did you seek out others who may know more about whatever you need, learn from them, and thus, make your business more successful? Do you now spend time every day in self-improvement activities? This way you can continue to learn.

We do not know it all. You may be the expert at what you do, but do you know everything about running your business, negotiating the pitfalls of human resources, the details of facilities setup, and the problems of management? I think not; none of us are experts in everything. So we need to seek out others and learn from them.

After we listen to others, and learn from them, we should try what they have to teach us. Listening is the first step; learning is the second; implementation of what you learn is the third, and the hardest. We must learn to change what we are doing when the change can improve our results. If we don’t, we will never succeed like we can; we will fail.

In marketing I meet people every day who listen, sometime intently, to what I share with them. Some people listen to me and even agree that their business would be helped from Appreciation Marketing. They may agree that we should meet again so they can become my client. But their follow through falls short and they decide to keep doing what they always have done. I know that the ideas that I impart to others actually work.

These people realize that what they have always done is not working like it should, but they just don’t want to spend the time, money, and effort to try something new. Their commitment is lacking, and they keep on the path that they were on before we met. They probably do this with everyone with whom they meet.

Many of these people are out of business some time later. What they were doing is not working when you meet them, and it never does work. They don’t understand, and they make excuses for their failure in business, but they never see the fact that trying someone else’s ideas would have helped. If they are still operating their business, they are really muddling through, never succeeding as they should.

As marketing people we must keep on doing what we do. We must remain consultants and not sales people. We must attempt to help others succeed and therefore be of service to others. Sooner or later, someone will listen to us, learn from what we share with them, and implement what we teach them. When it works, everyone wins.

What do you think; what would you do if someone taught you something new? If you did not try what they taught you, would you still be in business? Please leave me your comments, or email me at Jim@JimTeasley.com, or call me at 360-314-8691.

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