January 12, 2014

Appreciation Marketing – Marketing Tips

There are many ways to market a business. Here is a simplified list of some marketing tips.
      1.   Practice Appreciation Marketing liberally in your business and personal life.
a.    Make sure that all your clients, prospects, and everyone else knows that you appreciate them for everything that they do for you.
b.    Show your appreciation through your deeds as well as what you say.
c.    Always do the “right thing” when you market and deliver your product or service.
d.    Treat everyone as you would want to be treated or better.
e.    Everyone loves to be noticed for what they do for you.
f.      Everyone loves to be noticed for what they accomplish in life.
2.    Become a consultant, not a sales person.
a.    Always look for opportunities to be of service to others.
b.    Discover what others need and try to help each of them find it.
c.    Be a mentor to others who are not as proficient at marketing as you are.
                                                i.     Teach others how they can improve their marketing skills.
                                              ii.     Let others learn from your mistakes as well as your successes.
3.    Focus on client retention instead of prospect acquisition.
a.    Retaining your current clients is less expensive than prospecting.
b.    Clients who are happy will help you grow your business.
c.    Re-follow up with clients frequently to discover how you can help them.
4.    Be clear and concise in your marketing.
a.    Be certain that everyone understands the terms of your marketing.
b.    Stick to what you promise or offer a better deal for your prospect.
5.    Plan ahead for your business.
a.    Challenge yourself by setting attainable goals.
b.    Adjust your goals as you grow your business.
c.    Celebrate milestones as you reach your goals.
6.    Spend time each day in self-improvement.
a.    Watch DVD’s, attend seminars, listen to CD’s, read books, or schedule webinars.
b.    Realize that review may be as important as learning something new.
c.    Match yourself with an accountability buddy.
7.    Attend as many networking events as you can schedule.
a.    You never know who you may meet or who they may know.
b.    Follow up with everyone who you meet.
c.    Meet others one-on-one and get to know who they are and what they do.
d.    If you cannot become clients, try to refer each other to others in your networking relationships so that you can help each other succeed.
e.    Schmooze, don’t sell. You are marketing, not selling.
f.      Consistent attendance and presentation is great advertising.
g.    Share networking opportunities with others who may need to attend them.

Marketing is necessary for any business. If you do not have any clients, maybe no one knows who you are. If your clients believe that you appreciate them, they will market your business to everyone that they know. Appreciation Marketing brings real results. Practice it each day with everyone you meet, and you will prosper.

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  1. That is an awesome list that I'll have to print out and review each morning until I have it mastered. Thanks Jim