December 8, 2013

Appreciation Marketing – Follow Through

As we go about our business operations, we have many opportunities where we should follow through with our marketing. Remember that marketing includes everything that we do, and opportunities to follow through with actions involving others are always at hand. It is what we do, or don’t do, with those opportunities that illustrate what type of networking partner we can be.

We all try to be professional and follow through with our promises. We promise to provide information; we promise to provide referrals if possible. We promise to look at someone’s website, or we promise to try someone’s product on a trial basis. We even promise to read someone’s blog. Do we follow through and keep our promises, and why do we promise to do something if we never plan to do so?

Sometimes we cannot follow through since the information that we are given is incorrect, the wrong website address, the incorrect link to download something. Perhaps we cannot locate the information that we promised or the contact information of the individual who may be a good referral.

If something beyond our control prevents us from keeping a promise to follow through, we should contact the person to whom we made the promise and let them know of the problem. Perhaps they can give us better information that will assist us, including the correct web address or the correct phone number.

There are situations that we may just forget our promise and not follow through with the action that we promised. That is when we must contact the person to whom we made the promise and apologize, and we should attempt to fulfill our promise as soon as possible. To not follow through in some manner is rude and unprofessional.

What is the correct action for the person to whom we made a promise that we have failed to complete? Do they just consider us a lost cause, a non-professional with whom they do not see a business relationship being probable? Do they look elsewhere for the information that may help their business or personal life?

We must follow through if we are the person to whom the follow through was promised. We have an obligation to follow through, asking the person who made the promise if they plan to complete their part of the agreement. The person who failed in the first place has an obligation to accept this request professionally and then provide what they promised, if possible. At least an explanation of their failure should be forthcoming.

Follow through applies to many situations. Of course we should follow through with opportunities that our marketing provides, perhaps finding a new customer, or fulfilling a request from a current client. Follow through also applies when we promise anything to anyone. It is just like the business transactions for which we get paid, and we have obligations to help our networking partners.

We have discussed making the buying experience enjoyable for everyone. At the same time we should make life enjoyable for everyone. Follow through on our promises, just like our marketing, can provide that level of enjoyment to all involved. Please leave me your comments here, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691. Your follow through is much appreciated.

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