October 27, 2013

Appreciation Marketing – Appreciation for Others

Continuously, I recommend that everyone thank others for their actions, their referrals, and for their encouragement in business and in our personal lives. Whenever someone does anything for us, no matter how small, we should always thank them and show how much we appreciate their effort

Someone told me that others always “just know” how much they are appreciated for their actions. Some other people say that expressing gratitude is too expensive for anyone on a short budget. Someone else told me that they were not comfortable in expressing their gratitude toward others, especially someone with whom they may not be as familiar as those whom they know better.

How does anyone “just know” that we appreciate them if we don’t tell them? Why are we taking anything for granted? Should we assume that someone was going to order from us and never ask them for their order? None of us want to be taken for granted by anyone else; why would we assume anything about the person who has supported making our life better?

Often when anyone does something for which we should be appreciative, they have put money into our pocket. They may have made a purchase from us, perhaps becoming a customer on a permanent or recurrent basis. When they spend a substantial amount of money with us, we must spend some amount showing our appreciation for their business or for their referral for a third party’s business.

Why would any of us not be comfortable expressing our appreciation to others for what they may do for us? Are we uncomfortable with asking anyone for their order? Are we uncomfortable with speaking in front of a number of strangers who may become customers or referral sources? Are we uncomfortable with our product or service, dreading how anyone will react to their purchase?

We must be comfortable with our business and our product or service. We must be confident that our product will perform as expected by our customers. We should also be confident that our service will be the help for our customer that was anticipated when they made the purchase from us. If we are not confident, take the steps to become so. We should be just as confident in expressing our gratitude to those who help us.

What actions should we take to show our appreciation for the acts of others? It may be as simple as a verbal thank you; it may be as extravagant as we decide is appropriate. The person whom we are thanking may not expect anything extravagant, or we may be constrained by regulation from taking any extravagant action. Be creative and innovative, but do something.

How do we feel when we do something to help someone else, and we don’t receive any expression of gratitude from that person? We should do unto others as we would want them to do unto us when deciding how to thank anyone else. Whenever anyone’s assistance betters our business, we should express our appreciation in some manner.

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