July 28, 2013

Appreciation Marketing – Intelligence

This past week, I had the pleasure of chatting with several people who brightened my day, heightened my levels of appreciation for others, and generally made me feel better about life. One of the traits that I admire greatly is intelligence. Maybe it is because I have a difficult time tolerating the traits stupid or dumb. Intelligence is not rated high enough, and it should be sought after by all of us, in others and in ourselves.

I find intelligent people to be wonderfully rewarding challenges to have in our lives. They make us strive to better ourselves, give us goals to accomplish, and make us question our own values and beliefs. We may not agree with the viewpoints of others, but their intelligent arguments and knowledge will make us better educated in our own beliefs. To be able to counter their opinions, we must be more knowledgeable in our own.

Intelligent people are sometimes haughty and standoffish. When an intelligent person is well grounded, can laugh with you about their own human failings, share amusing stories, or understand your quirks, they are so much more appealing with whom to spend time. You may learn something new about them, or you might learn something new about yourself, but the time will be well spent.

Of course, we should spend time with people more intelligent than ourselves. That way, we will be able to learn what may make us better in life and in business. Does the meeting and conversation need to be punctuated by our note taking and recording of their every word? I believe that we often absorb better if we just listen and think. The conversation should dwell on viewpoints, and listening can be a learning tool also.

Having a conversation with someone can provide you with a world of knowledge. If the person with whom you are speaking represents some product or service that you need, you can learn about what they offer. If they need what you provide, you may learn what you can do for them. If you never listen, you will never learn. Learning from intelligent people is an opportunity to better ourselves in many ways.

Learning from others can provide you with the methods to succeed in life and business. It also can provide you with the knowledge of what not to do to succeed. We should therefore listen to intelligent people with whom we may not agree so that we prevent ourselves from repeating their mistakes and errors. Intelligence is not a trait that is only found in successful people, and it must be nurtured and applied correctly.

If we ourselves are intelligent, we have an obligation to share our knowledge and experience with others. Mentoring others is our duty for being given the intelligence that we possess. That may be one of the most important parts of the “give, receive, repeat” philosophy. Mentoring, or giving to, others is intelligent in and of itself. It is also very rewarding mentally, emotionally, and physically.

How is your day filled with intelligence? Is your intelligence showing to others in a good way, or do you hide it under a cloak? Do you enjoy meeting other people with great intelligence? Your comments here, or your emails at Jim@SOC4Now.com, or your calls at 360-314-8691 are welcome as always.

If we share our experiences with other intelligent people and discuss those intelligent people whom we know with others, that is a great referral in itself. And you know how rewarding referrals are, don’t you?

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