June 16, 2013

Appreciation Marketing – Name Tags

Attendees at business meetings frequently wear name tags. Whether the meeting is one within your business or one where people from various businesses gather, name tags are a way of allowing attendees to recognize, and remember, those whom they have previously met and fix in their minds those whom they meet for the first time.

We have all met someone at a meeting, and we know that we have met the person previously but cannot remember their name. Also, someone may greet us that we simply do not remember ever meeting before, but they know us. Both these situations and others can be smoothed out if everyone at a meeting was wearing a name tag.

First, what do we need a name tag to say? It can be as simple as your name and business name. Don’t have a business name; how about just your name? The information should be legible and not confusing, visible so someone doesn’t have to lean so their eyes are within 6 inches of the name tag. I want mine visible from across the room.

Second, don’t use your business card for your name tag. You may have the cutest, most interesting business card, but too much information just makes it impossible to read and the type font is too small to be read easily. Make meeting someone easier for the other person. You don’t want to be remembered for the wrong reason.

Third, wearing a name tag makes the meeting more memorable for both of you, and people will remember you better when you meet again. Just seeing your name tag may trigger the memory of your previous meeting in their mind. Help them not to be embarrassed because they don’t remember meeting you previously.

Finally, I believe there is another benefit that is most important to you. If you have your name and business name on your name tag, people will start conversations with you by using your name, asking what your business is. Wouldn’t you want others to ask what your business does, and what it can mean to them? This is a great form of marketing.

Marketing is everything that we do in our businesses. It is what we do from the time we wake up until we go to sleep. We can engage in positive marketing, or we can engage in negative marketing. We must make it easy for our customers to enter into a business relationship with us and to move through that relationship. It starts with the first meeting and continues through establishing a business partnership.

Name tags can and should be worn at every business meeting, networking event, and anytime that we are in the presence of other business people, prospects, clients, or just the general public. I attended a networking meeting this past week where the majority of the attendees did not have name tags. Many of them were standing in silence, while others were walking up to me and asking me, by name, what my business does and starting a conversation.

Do you have a name tag that you wear at every meeting that you attend? What does it say, and is it legible for those who will read it? Is it positive in your marketing, and does it result in others engaging you in conversation about your business? Please leave me your comments, or email me at Jim@SOC4Now.com, or call me at 360-314-8691. Let’s connect at the next business meeting where we can see each other’s name tags.


  1. Really good article. My preference is for no business name on your nametag. That way you name can be bigger. When you meet someone it is about getting to know the person, not your business. After you meet someone, send them a note with your contact card--then the next time you meet you can talk about your business.

  2. I appreciated this article. I haven't been in business all that long and I think I had been reluctant to have a nametag made. You've got me rethinking the whole concept and why it matters.