May 12, 2013

Appreciation Marketing – Words and Actions

In this posting we are deviating somewhat from strictly business marketing, to emphasizing that marketing applies to both our business and personal lives. Many of the blog topics we have covered apply to both business and personal actions. Being aware that our behavior may cross over from one to another makes us better at both.

Often, we hear others say that they wish that they had said something different when they were in conversation with someone else. Perhaps it was someone who met with an untimely accident or demise. Possibly they didn’t speak in the clearest or most correct terms when speaking with a client. Maybe we omitted telling someone something that would have changed their life’s direction.

Marketing is letting others know who we are, what we would like them to know about us, and what we have that may interest them. If you are in a career transition, you are marketing yourself. If our business has a product or service, we are marketing that product or service. If you wish to engage in a personal relationship with someone, you are marketing yourself and that intent.

How do you know what to say and when to say it? You must discover what the other person or business needs before you attempt to market whatever you have to them. If they don’t need it, you should never be able to market it to them successfully. If you try even if they don’t need what you have, or if you somehow get them to purchase from you, the relationship will not proceed successfully. You must be aware of the conditions.

Let’s say that the situation is open to success in your marketing. Pick your words carefully, but be complete in your marketing. Let someone know what you have to offer, the price, any other conditions, and all the other details of the purchase and delivery process. Do not leave the prospect with any open questions. In short, make sure that you tell them everything that they need to make a buying decision.

In any relationship, one party is the prospect and the other is the person marketing to them. That phraseology may sound direct and blunt, but that is what it is. Remember that marketing is what you say, what you do, and when it is said or done. It is all marketing, every move you make, and every word that you speak. Make everything count, but make everything sincere.

Keep everything sincere, honest, and simple. Don’t use “smoke and mirrors” to throw the prospect off balance. Our networking partners deserve the best that we have to offer. The best includes our ethics and honesty, and it includes our expertise in making our partners and prospects comfortable because we have their best interests at heart. Marketing should be about service to others and making their lives better.

We are all known by our networking partners for what we say and do. Our reputations are based on our actions that others see, hear about, and experience. Don’t be the person that your partners avoid; be someone who others want to know, be seen with, and refer business to. Be the person that they know, like, and trust.

Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691. Let’s discuss our marketing tactics and help each other grow our businesses. Then we can be successful and prosper with our networking partners. That is Appreciation Marketing at its best.

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  1. Another great article by Jim. You definitely want to be the "Go To" person. If you're not...then someone else is. Think about it. No one ever remembers who came in second?? But they love the # 1 person in any industry, sport or hobby.
    If you have the knowledge of your business and the desire to succeed, you probably will. If you need a little help reminding your friends and business associates about you...then call 360-314-8691 or click Jim at He makes being number one a little easier to achieve. Bob Bonnell, Vehicle Buyers Service.