May 5, 2013

Appreciation Marketing – It’s the Little Things

Previously, we have discussed that everything that we do in our lives is marketing. From the time you wake up in the morning until the moment you go the bed at night, you are marketing. You are marketing either your business or yourself, or both, in everything that you do, every day, all the day long.

Marketing includes your business elevator speech, other presentations, brochures, website, and advertisements. In addition, there are other “little things” which are also included in your marketing. These are the things that many people do not consider important but make up the sum of your business for those prospects and clients that you meet and interface with each and every day. These are the “little things”.

One of the first things you hand to others is your business card. Is it simple or confusing? Is it legible and easy to read? Dose it help those to whom you give it, or does it confuse them? It should contain your name, your business’s name, your contact information including your email address, phone number, website address, and your mailing address. Make it professional and not so odd or weird that no one wants it.

Your card does not have to include your home address. If you are in career transition, you should get a mailing address at a mail box or some other address where people can send you information that may not be able to be emailed. Make sure that your email is active and check it frequently. Make sure that your phone, especially your cell, has a functioning voicemail with a professional greeting. Make sure your voicemail is never full, check it frequently, and follow up on your messages, no matter who is calling you.

Use both sides of your business card if you wish, but make sure that the type font that you use is large enough to be read without a magnifying glass. A small font is not acceptable, and fancy fonts that are illegible just make it difficult for the person who may be trying to contact you. Keep it simple and clear, not fancy. Make it easy if for your contacts, and they will be inclined to help you. People don’t want to work with others who are too complicated. Make it easy for people to do business with you.

When you attend networking meetings, wear a name tag. The event may provide stick on tags to which you add your name, but get your own name tag. For a small price you can print your own or have one made. Keep it simple; your name and business name are all you need, and your business card has the remainder of your contact information. Your name tag should be legible from several steps distance and not require the person who you meet to lean into you in order to read your name. Your name tag should provoke questions such as: “So, what does your business do?”

When you are given the opportunity to introduce yourself at a networking meeting, if you are sitting, stand up and project your introduction to the room. Do not whisper, but take the same attitude that you would if you were giving a presentation, for that is what you are doing. Be clear, concise, and complete, and do not ramble on excessively. 30 seconds is all you need to bait the hook so that they will ask for more information.

Remember that marketing is everything that you do. It is the bigger things like advertising, but it also is the little things such as business cards, name tags, and replying to emails. Leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691. Maybe we can share some ideas that might help us both. That’s Appreciation Marketing at its best. Let’s make it work for everyone.

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