May 26, 2013

Appreciation Marketing – Business Cards

Recently I heard someone proclaim that business cards were a thing of the past. This person felt that business cards were obsolete due to the emphasis on exchanging electronic data. I did not agree with him for various reasons, the least of which is that not everyone has the latest smartphone with the latest sharing apps.

Everyone in business, engaged in a career change, or just networking in general should have business cards. They should be carried everywhere you go, since you never can anticipate where someone may need your information. They allow you to exchange contact information easily, even when you don’t have time to do it manually. You should always have your business cards; never run out of them, and have a backup supply.

Business cards may range from the simple to the elaborate. You should err on the side of simple, but be complete. You should have your name, phone number, email address, and mailing address on your cards. In addition, you should include your business name, address, phone number, and website address if appropriate. Your cellphone number should also be included if that is your primary or secondary contact means.

You need to indicate your mailing address so others may want to send you information that cannot be emailed. If necessary, obtain a mail box either with the post office or with a service. A private mailing service, unlike the post office, will accept packages and envelopes sent by FedEx or UPS, as well as anything that is mailed. This is much better than having a package left at your home’s front door which may not be secure.

Should you have your picture on your business card? Often, businesses such as realtors will include their photo so that people will feel more comfortable with them. If you include your photo, make sure that it is recent. You don’t want anyone to ask you why you have your daughter’s photo on your card.

Your name, and other information, should be printed in an easily read font, in a normally large size, at least a 10 font. Do not use fonts that are difficult to read such as script, calligraphy, or juvenile. This is a business card, a contact card that reflects your professionalism. It is not a brochure or flyer that implies cuteness. If that is what you indicate, people will judge you as unprofessional or immature.

Use dark color on a light background, or the reverse; never use a dark font on a dark background or a light font on light. These are just too difficult to read. Colors are great, but do not overdo them or mix too many different colors on your card. The reverse side is perfectly good for information, including a message you may want to provide. Do not include information that will become out of date quickly. Remember to be professional.

What about your business cards; do you believe that cards are obsolete? You must make it easy for people to do business with you by being able to know who you are. Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691. Keep them close and always have a backup supply in your car, briefcase or otherwise. You never know when someone special may want your information.


  1. I give out business cards to anyone who will accept them. Even if they use it as a bookmark, they have my name close at hand if they think of a way I can help them or others they know.

    I encourage my clients to have "calling cards" while they are unemployed. The front is the typical information and the backside is about a 7 line resume.

    Thanks for this posting, I will share with our veterans. CB

  2. Totally agree with you--people need to keep cards with them at all time. AND I prefer calling them "Contact Cards" since people who are not connected with a business don't think to get "business cards". They are the ones who really need them for one cannot leave resumes with every person they meet.

    The people who "think" contact cards are not needed really have no idea how many opportunities are missed because they do not carry them.

  3. You forgot one very important thing that is a personal irritation for me - make the font large enough to read. Insurance and Realtors are huge offenders - I have to get out a magnifying glass to read any of the contact information (and yes I do have my glasses on as well). The cards I can't read mostly get thrown away.