April 7, 2013

Appreciation Marketing – What Drives You Crazy?

Every day there are events that happen to us all that just “drive us crazy”. These happenings cause us no end of frustration and sometimes make no sense. Some of them may be of our own doing, but the majority happen because someone else did something that defies logic. What events trigger your frustration, and how do you cope with that feeling?

We all have the prospect with whom we have spent time, effort, and money who, at the last minute, decides not to do business with us. How could we put so much effort into explaining how what we offered was perfect for them and then have them either choose our competitor, or decide to do nothing at all? Do they not understand that we are the greatest product or service that their business could have? We simply have to accept what happens and move on to the next prospect. We need to understand that we cannot sign everyone.

Of course, we all have signed the prospect as a customer who doesn’t want to become a client. This is the person who doesn’t want our great customer service that we provide after they purchase from us. We pride ourselves on teaching our clients on how to use our product or service in the way that will give them the best results. However, some customers don’t want to spend the time and effort to listen to our coaching or guidance, instead plowing ahead on their own. One day perhaps they will ask for our help, but we know that they may flounder in using their purchase until then. Just let them be and then help them when they do call for assistance. Keep them informed in small notifications or updates, and be patient with them.

Do you have the customer who never listened to you when you explained your product or service to them before they purchased from you only to inform you that they “didn’t know what you sold to them”? Be consistent in your presentation, only deviating for the occasional advice on how what you offer could be used in a specific situation. Do you offer coaching after the sale, or do you stay in touch with a customer as they grow and perhaps change their business? Great customer service can help customers deal with future problems and save a relationship, but only if you are consistent here also.

There are some small problems that also drive all of us to the point of craziness. The prospect or customer that never returns our phone or other messages, the person who misses a meeting without notifying you, the customer whose payment does not arrive on schedule, the prospect with more excuses than either customers or prospects, and sometimes ourselves when we just cannot get out of our own way.

We must learn that, no matter what challenges we discover, we must have patience. We must not let our tempers control us, and we cannot allow our personal feelings to take over our rhetoric. We must maintain control over what we do and remain professional at all times. No matter how we believe that someone else is wrong, often we should simply keep our mouth closed and keep our feelings to ourselves. Just keep out of your own way.

So what drives you crazy, and how do you deal with whatever happens? Do you control your feelings and have the patience to remain professional and calm in spite of how you feel? There are always people “who will push your hot button”, sometimes on purpose. Deal with those situations by being the professional that you should be. Please leave me your comments, or email me at Jim@SOC4Now.com, or call me at 360-314-8691 with your strategy. Appreciation Marketing should work most of the time, but patience and self control can help us succeed when times get frustrating. There is always the next prospect.

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