March 17, 2013

Appreciation Marketing – Mistakes Prevent Success

There are many ways of marketing that will bring success to your business. There are also mistakes that you can make that will prevent your business from being as successful as it should be. Some are so obvious that you should never make them, and you should know better. Sometimes you should just get out of your own way. If you don’t, you may make those mistakes that will prevent your success in business.

Have you ever prejudged anyone only to find later that you were totally wrong in that judgment? When you meet someone, you should learn about them and their business, how they deal with customers and prospects, and how they treat their employees. Then, and only then, classify them as a networking partner or not.

Do you return all the phone calls that are made to you? If you don’t, you risk losing customers before they become prospects, much less losing the customers that you already have. When anyone calls you, speak to them, or call them back. Determine what they need; don’t try to sell them what you want them to buy from you. Then see if you can help them in some other way. If you cannot, refer them to someone who can solve their need. If you help others, they will help you.

When you make a business mistake, do you ignore the responsibility for that mistake? You must take ownership of it, take steps to correct it, and make sure that the person involved knows that you will prevent the error from occurring again. That person will then believe that any referral that they provide to you will not suffer the same problem. Since everyone will make mistakes, or have problems that will occur in their business operation from time to time, how we deal with those problems is important to our success.

Do you follow up with all referrals or all first meetings with other business owners? Every person you meet, and every referral that you receive, may develop into a networking partner, a client, or both. Follow up is a must. How do you know who anyone is, whether you like them, or if you can trust them if you don’t get to know them further than a first impression? You must follow up on all referrals that you receive if you want to receive any in the future.

Do you make it difficult for your customers to do business with you? You must examine your buying process and your customer service philosophy and determine if they are “client friendly”. If you have not done so, look at what you do from the customer viewpoint. If you find flaws in customer relations, you must take steps to make the process of doing business with you easier and more enjoyable for the customer. Happy clients will give you more referrals.

When you pass referrals to others, are they complete referrals where you provide both parties all the contact information, and do you inform both parties that you are providing the referral? Do you even ask if the parties want you to make the referral? If not, you are wasting everyone’s valuable time, and you appear as unprofessional.

Do you see yourself making these possible mistakes in your business operation? What do your customers and prospects say about you and your business process, the customer experience? Perhaps a close examination of your business operation will result in your being more supportive of others and their business. Leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691 with your ideas. Your marketing should reflect your belief in serving others, and it should provide you some great karma.

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