February 3, 2013

Appreciation Marketing – The 3 P’s

There are 3 P’s that are the foundation of Appreciation Marketing. First is being Professional, coupled with our Passion, and capped by staying Personal in our dealings with clients. How do these 3 P’s impact our business marketing? They can improve our bottom line by turning customers into clients, clients who will remain loyal and refer business to us because we have made the 3 P’s a substantial foundation for our businesses.

We have all met those people who conduct their business as if it was a hobby, which in fact it is. These people are an insult to all of us business people who run our business as a business, professionally. Being professional means we are honest, ethical, have great client service, and build relationships with as many people as possible. We are supportive, loyal, and reputable. Never do business with anyone who does not conduct their business professionally. Run your business, no matter what it is, as a business.

We all must operate our business with the passion that will show to the rest of the world that we believe in what we do and have pride in doing what we do. If we don’t believe, and show that belief and pride, our prospects, and any customers that we have, will know that we don’t really believe in what we do, the product or service that we have, or what it should mean to others. We must be a product of our product or service. If we don’t actually use what we market, no one else will. They may even consider us to be frauds.

Finally, we must be personal with other people. This includes treating everybody as a person, a human being, and as a valuable part of our lives, not just part of our businesses. Stop looking at others for what they can spend with us and see what we can do for them. Give to give, not to get. When we put service to others before our profits, karma will bring goodness to us and our businesses. Turn customers into clients through appreciation for what they do for us, for others, and for the world in general. The money will follow our gratitude.

We all need to take a look at ourselves and our businesses and see how these 3 P’s can apply to us. How have we slacked off from what caused us to be in business originally; how has our demeanor and behavior changed since we started out businesses; how do we view prospects, customers, and everyone else? Can we honestly say that we are professional in all that we do and say? Are we a product of our product or service? Can we say that we treat everyone in a personal manner, as people, not as customer numbers?

Appreciation Marketing means that we are professional in the eyes of the public and in our own opinion. Can we look ourselves in the mirror and say that we are truly professional? Does our passion for our businesses show to others? Do we speak with sincere enthusiasm about our businesses? Do we relate to others as people or as sources of money? Appreciation Marketing means that our customers are clients, not customers, and that we can explain the difference in the two terms.

If we must make the 3 P’s the foundation of our businesses, karma will bring similar people into our lives. We will find ourselves basking in the light of others who believe the same as we do, making all of our businesses more successful. Please leave me your comments, or email me at Jim@SOC4Now.com, or call me at 360-314-8691 with your thoughts. Remember the 3 P’s and how they can help us and then tell someone else how they can benefit also from applying them themselves.

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  1. Jim is right on again...No business should survive with out Professionalism. That's why car brokers exist...because most dealers won't show the courtesy to the client they deserve. Passion comes from within...and it's easier to do when it's your business. The personal touch is what I always strive for...be there with the customer at the point of sale. People enjoy the service and attention from a hands on approach. Jim gives the same exact "Three P's" to everyone of his clients. Just call 360.314.8691 or click Jim at SOC4now.com. He's got a great solution to your "Appreciation Marketing Needs"! Bob Bonnell. Vehicle Buyer's Service.