January 13, 2013

Appreciation Marketing – Set The Example

“Be the type of person you want to attract.” – Jeff Packard. This is a great quote, and it is also great advice to everyone. If you are a business person, you set the example for your employees, if you have them. If you act in a decent manner toward your clients, your employees will do the same, showing respect and care in their client relationships. If you are rude, taking advantage of customers, then your employees will also do the same.

If you have no employees, but still want to attract stable, grateful clients, then you should conduct your life, not just your business, in the same manner. As you proceed through the day, show concern for others, and treat clients, prospects, family, friends, and others better than you would want to be treated. If you show gratitude toward others, they will show the same toward you. Karma is not only infectious; it is also non-discriminatory, affecting everyone sooner or later. Whatever you put forth toward others, you will receive the same back from someone, somewhere, somehow.

If you want to attract loyal clients who stay with your business through their good times and bad, then you have to be the type of business person who does the same for them. What can you do to assist them in their business? It’s easy to help someone when the times are good; it is a more difficult practice to help someone when their business may be in trouble or if you yourself are struggling. A good friend is one who offers advice when we don’t ask for it. Are you brave enough to be that friend? Do you care enough to help someone that may not listen when you try to help them or smart enough to listen when someone tries to help you?

When you form networking relationships with others, whether they are clients, prospects, or whomever, you may never be clients of each other; you may just be friends, or supporters of each other. You may offer advice, referrals, or just a shoulder on which to lean. Networking relationships must be formed in order to succeed, but being the person that we want to attract is the first step in forming those relationships. Being an example for others will result in others treating you how you treated them.

We have a tendency to cluster with those people with whom we identify, with whom we feel comfortable, and with whom we are similar, in manner, actions, and ability. If we are positive towards others, we will attract those who are positive towards us. If we are negative towards others, the persons whom we attract will be negative in their actions, manner, and opinions. Those negative people are just a pain to endure, and I believe that the positive ones are a lot more fun with whom to associate.

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