January 27, 2013

Appreciation Marketing – Procrastination

We all know the dangers of procrastination. Failure to follow up with a client or prospect can kill an opportunity, and repeated procrastination can literally kill a business. Some of us have experienced the results first hand and have had to recover from the effects of procrastination. However, what about not taking advantage of opportunities in our business practices as opposed to not following up with a prospect or client? Can that have an equal adverse effect on our business?

Let’s say that you are presented with an opportunity to perform the work that you do in an easier manner, in a more efficient manner, or in a better all-round way. We all need to work smarter, not harder, and when we are provided with the means to do that, we need to make use of that means. It does not matter how hard we may work at our businesses or how many hours we put towards our goals, we all have our limits.

There are only so many hours in a day, and we can only work so hard at what we do. We should take advantage of whatever we can to improve our abilities to make our businesses better. We are professional businesspeople; as such we must be aware of and take advantage of opportunities to improve our product or service, to make our clients’ experience better, and to improve the service prior to, during, and after the clients’ purchase.

What type of opportunities might we find that we should consider? Anything that would make our business lives easier, more professional, more efficient, or more personal should be evaluated to determine if they would benefit our business endeavor. If you improve the product or service that you provide, or you improve the delivery of that offering, or you improve the client buying experience, your business will benefit. Your clients will be happier, believe that they received a better purchase or service, or know that their purchase was enjoyable. The result is happier clients that will refer others to your business.

When you become aware of anything that you believe will benefit your business, take a through examination of whatever it is. Is it a product that you may use, a service that you can utilize, or is it a revamp of your process that could change your way of business? Just like other buying decisions, take the steps necessary to evaluate the offering, get referrals, and make a decision. This is where procrastination causes you to hesitate. Whatever you decide, decide something and move on with your business. If you are too busy to make a decision, make the time; if you don’t have the money, decide how you can get the money if you need to make the acquisition; if you can “test drive” whatever it is, do so.

Appreciation Marketing has many aspects. Most importantly, it means that you do everything in your control to show your clients that you care about them, appreciate their business, and want to make their buying experience pleasant. You owe them, your employees, yourself, and everyone else involved to improve your business and to provide Appreciation as a by-product of the purchase. That is Appreciation Marketing at its best.

Please leave me your comments, or email me at Jim@SOC4Now.com, or call me at 360-314-8691. Appreciation Marketing takes many forms. How can you use it to improve your bottom line by working smarter, not harder for your clients, employees, and yourself? Don’t let procrastination delay, or stop, you from working smarter, not harder.

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  1. Jim's view of the world is to always "Thank Your Cuatomer". If you do...it will pay dividends for you. The best way to do that is to call or Click Jim at360-314-8691 or Jim@soc4now.com. You'll be glad you stsrted to appreciate your clients and they will too. Keep it going Jim! Best regards, Bob Bonnell.