December 16, 2012

Appreciation Marketing – Who Else?

Last week, I proposed that all of us should consider that there are many people who have a part in building our businesses other than ourselves. From the comments that I received, either by phone or email, there is no middle ground on this discussion. Some of you are in agreement with me that there are several people to whom we should express gratitude for our business success. There are a small group of people who seem to believe that there is no one that has contributed to their success except themselves working alone.

I do not understand this disparity; doesn’t everyone have customers that have contributed their purchase of products or services? Doesn’t everyone have someone who helped them get started, including family members who supported their ideas and encouraged them when their business began? Aren’t there business relationships who help with ideas, encouragement, or even criticism? What about the people who built the facilities that support a business? These include the communications lines, the utility lines, the building that houses a business, your home in which you live or which may house your business, and the streets that bring clients to you, no matter where you meet them.

In addition, what about the police and firefighters who protect businesses and the occupants or the emergency technicians who would respond to calls for assistance? How about the teachers and instructors that helped you form the ideas and intelligence that helped you build the business or guide the success now? There has been a lot of talk lately regarding how these people do not deserve their salaries or pensions. How would you like to do their job or provide for their contribution to your well being? They are, or have been, available when their talents are needed, sometimes contributing multiple times.

The list just keeps on growing, doesn’t it? You should consider the fact that all these people contribute to the economy in other ways that allows you to succeed. Maybe they are the clients of your customers, allowing your clients to be able to do business with you. Maybe they have other influences on the events or community atmosphere that has contributed to your business’s growth and success. Maybe the price levels that allow you to purchase at the rate you enjoy with your vendors is a result of the success of your vendors. Your vendors themselves have a hand in your growth and success.

Have you ever spoken with any of these people and asked them how you might help them? Have you ever expressed your gratitude towards any of these people for their contribution that supports you? You should do that without further delay. Sometimes just a “Thank You” is sufficient and is all that you need to say. Everyone likes to be noticed and thanked for what they do. We all like to be patted on the head once in a while. Doing so will bring you further good karma that will help your success grow and prosper.

This is the holiday season, no matter what type of holidays you celebrate. Don’t have a lot of money for gratitude? Just a word and a shake of a hand will do. Throw in a smile and make them “know” how you feel, and you will have a positive effect. Each day, no matter the season, take time to thank at least one person every day for their part in your life.

Appreciation Marketing takes many shapes. Make it work for you in your business and personal lives. Then, leave me your comments, or call me at 360-314-8691, or email me at Everything that we do, we do together; success and failure are community efforts of everyone involved. Just show appreciation to everyone.

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