October 28, 2012

Appreciation Marketing – Jealous Peers

We all have our buddies, our peers, people with whom we share space, fun, and heartache. They may be people with whom you grew up, with whom you started your business, or with whom you network. Your relationship may be close, or it may be more distant. These people may be your close confidants or just acquaintances. They may be “in tune” with your moods, your beliefs, or they may not really understand what “makes you tick”.

You must know if these people have your best interests at heart. You should be able to understand how these people feel about your success in business, about your ability to grow your business in the way you want it to grow. If you do not know how these people actually feel about your success, you may be making your business decisions based on false knowledge. These are the people whom you consider to be your networking partners. Are they really your partners, or are they jealous peers?

Let’s say that you have heard of a new or different marketing idea for your business, at least it is new or different to you. Perhaps it is so new that no one else has ever tried it, or perhaps it is so different that no one else believes that it will work better than the “old, tried and true” methods. Have those “old, tried and true” methods ever really worked for you? Your peers tell you: “That won’t work”, “We have never tried something like that”, or “That just isn’t for you”. Maybe they are right, but maybe they are wrong.

Is trying something new in your marketing so different from trying some new or radical as a profession? Maybe it will work, and you can make a career out of something new or different; maybe you cannot. You just never know unless you try. Someone probably told someone else that hybrid automobiles would never sell; someone probably told someone else that no one would buy DVD or VHS recorders. Just because no one has tried something doesn’t mean that it will not work. Maybe that weird idea is netting over a million dollars per year.

Is there something else at work here? Do your peers really want you to succeed? We all have “friends” or associates that have reached a level of achievement that they will never surpass. Do they really want someone else to push past that same level of success? Are they more comfortable with their associates, including you, being equal or lower in success than they are? Do they really have your best interests at heart, or do they need you to remain at the same level as they have reached. Perhaps your success would make their lack of it look bad.

Part of Appreciation Marketing is reaching out of your comfort zone and trying new and different ways of marketing your business. It may be that you can try a new and different business model or even a new or different business itself. So what if no one has tried it before; so what if it, whatever it is, is radical or new or different? Could it work; could it succeed if you do it, your way, wherever you are right now? Try something, and if it works, fine. If it doesn’t work, try something else. Often we need to just do it.

At times we need to challenge ourselves and take a risk; we need to see the wisdom of different people who are not afraid to succeed. Do your research and evaluate new information with a through, detailed mindset. Don’t take the word of someone who has no knowledge of whatever it is that you are evaluating. Are they afraid of change and
stepping outside of the box”? Are they afraid of your success and how it may make them appear to others? Let me hear from you, or call me at 360-314-8691, or email me at Jim@SOC4Now.com. Sometimes your peers may be the change that you need to make.

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  1. Very good thoughts to consider, Jim. I look at this as having a supportive arm around the shoulders while the knees are kicked out from under. Thanks for the post!