August 5, 2012

Appreciation Marketing – Show Your Gratitude

Those who know me from networking gatherings have heard me talking about showing gratitude. Every day we should show gratitude toward those who touch our lives in some manner. We should thank the people that do anything for us, even if it is part of our business relationship, even if it is just a part of our daily comings and goings.

You may have heard me challenge others to show gratitude to one person in some manner everyday. Anyone who has taken this challenge seriously has discovered that keeping the action to one recipient per day is next to impossible. Who do you exclude from your gratitude? Who do you slight in your actions? Who do you intentionally leave out? Those omissions are required to limit our daily allotment of gratitude to just one person.

Why stop there? How many people can you “touch” in one day? Why not include the person who opens a door for you, the person who sells you something, or the person who allows you to cross a street when traffic is busy? They all deserve a “thank you”. They all deserve some gesture of gratitude for their kindness or courtesy. Just as important as that gesture of gratitude is, remember that the act for which you are grateful is the more significant of the two happenings.

Your act of gratitude must be personal and not seen as “trying to make an impression for profit”. You should be seen as sincere and meaningful, and your act should not seem rehearsed. Your act of gratitude must be genuine and honest. After several attempts to blend gratitude into your life and its flow, you will be surprised at how casual it will become. Your acts of gratitude will become second nature, just as breathing, eating, and sleeping.

Showing gratitude means that you are practicing appreciation marketing. Showing gratitude towards others means that you appreciate their actions, their business practices, their habits, and their lifestyle. Are they people that you should get to know better; perhaps they are business people that you should imitate? Tell them about their impression on your life. That would be an act of gratitude that would mean so much to them. Every act of gratitude impacts the recipient of the gratitude, especially if you are thanking them for being a mentor.

Showing gratitude changes the life of the recipient of the gesture of gratitude. Watch that person and you will see them smile, walk a little taller, hold their head a little higher, or even show more confidence in their dealings with others. If you keep watching the person, you may see them show an act of gratitude toward someone else before too long. Start an avalanche of gratitude soon, and see if it comes back to you. You won’t be disappointed: you will be pleased at the scope of the actions of many others.

Gratitude for others may mean that you show it toward your customers also. Make them feel appreciated for their business or for other actions, and you will have a happy customer. Happy customers tend to be consistent customers, buying from your business over and over. They also become your advocates, telling others about you and your business practices. That means referrals for you business and money in your pocket.

Tell us about your experiences with showing gratitude towards others and how it has impacted your business and yourself. Your comments are always welcome here, or you can email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691.What do your actions say about you and your business? How has showing gratitude towards others impacted your life?


  1. Jim can you give some examples of how you show gratitude?

    1. Dotty,
      Do you just sit and wait for this posting to go live? I love your appreciation for my posts.
      First of all, there are the many ways to send gratitude via greeting cards. These can include thanks for a new customer, thanks for a referral (especially with a gift included with the card), thanks for being a customer (on the anniversary of them becoming a customer), recognition of an event (birthday, anniversary, child’s birthday, high school or collage graduation, award being received, etc.), the birth of a child, the arrival of a new pet, etc.
      Second, one can just express a verbal thanks for someone opening a door, reminding us of a event, hosting an event, posting a blog posting, recommending a movie or restaurant, copying a web link, recommending a business vendor, any and every action that we appreciate.
      Finally, there are all the people that impact our lives such as those who sell us anything, those who let us go first at a corner, the cashier at a fast food counter, the person who smiles at us as we walk along the street.
      Passing on gratitude makes the recipient happier, but it makes the giver happier and better also. Plus, it comes back to us somehow, someway later in our lives.
      Thanks again for your comments and your questions. I appreciate having you in my circle of friends. Have a great week.