May 6, 2012

Appreciation Marketing – Excuses Are a Dime a Dozen

Every so often I meet someone with lots of excuses.  Often they have more excuses than they have clients, or even prospects.  Perhaps you have heard them when you try to meet with them to discuss networking, their business, your business, even just to get acquainted.  They say that their business is slow or even non-existent, but they are too busy to meet with you.  They may even believe that they are too small to meet and network.

Maybe they are busy with their family, maybe they have to clear off their desk, perhaps they need to go out of town, or maybe they need to wash their car.  We have heard all these excuses.  Some are close to valid, but some are just stupid.  They are excuses for excuses’ sake.  Who are these people kidding?  They just don’t take their business seriously, much less their marketing.  They have more excuses than they have clients, or even prospects.

Often these people just do not understand that they need to market their business to everyone, not just the people that are ready to buy from them.  How anyone would be ready to buy from them that doesn’t know about them or what they are marketing is beyond common sense.  They believe that business will “fall into their laps”.  I guess that they were told by someone who brought them into their business that this way of “not marketing” would be successful.  They cannot understand that it will not work.

It does not matter who you are, what your business is, or what your product or service is, you will need to market to others, either to individuals or to businesses.  You cannot continue to exist, grow, and succeed without marketing.  Get over whatever you were told or believe, and get out of your shell and market yourself and your business.  Stop making excuses and get past your fears.  Everyone has been at that first step of marketing at some point in their life.  The successful businesses have moved forward while the unsuccessful ones are still trying to step out into the world of marketing.

Maybe you can find a “soul-mate” in your networking that will help you stop making excuses and get on with your business marketing life.  Maybe you will see how easy it is by watching others.  Perhaps marketing can be “infectious” like fun; perhaps it can be easily learned from someone who is willing to “teach” you or “lead” you into this world of being able to reach out to others that you don’t know.  Yes, this world can be scary to a novice, but your networking partners can help.  Just don’t be making excuses when they try to help you.

Ask others how they market their businesses, or ask them what they tried that did not work.  Everyone should be willing to help you and teach you from their experiences.  If they aren’t willing to share their experiences, they may not be the partners with whom you need to network.  Giving to others is just another version of Appreciation Marketing.  Giving to give, not to get, is a guiding light of successful businesses.

So stop making excuses and get on with the marketing of your business.  Reach out to assist others in the building of their businesses.  Remember karma?  It’s that belief that whatever you do for others will return to you and your life.  Do you still think that your excuses are valid, and that they will help your success?  Then leave me your thoughts and comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691.  I would love to chat with you and help you discover that excuses are like an anchor, holding you back from the success that you, and your business, can achieve.  Let’s speak together soon so you can get on with your successful business life.

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