April 8, 2012

Appreciation Marketing – Face to Face

In the past we have discussed the need to meet others in order to form networking relationships or partnerships.  This practice is also necessary in order to maintain those relationships.  Whether it is a networking relationship or a business connection, these situations always fare better if we engage in face to face discussions as often as possible.

My daddy taught me that a relationship was always better if we can personalize the communication.  “Don’t just write to someone when you can call them; don’t just call them if you can meet them face to face”, was his mantra.  He also would add that if you can engage in all 3 means of communications, so much the better.

Like Tom Hopkins, I am an advocate of the well written and personalized note or card that shows how much someone else means to you, whether it is business or personal in its intent.  Take that communication further and call the person on the telephone and speak to them, telling them just how much their relationship or business means to you.  Don’t just leave a message or voicemail; talk with them directly and let them hear your voice, with all your inflection and sincerity.

When possible, take the relationship another step further and arrange a face to face meeting, where you can speak your thoughts plainly and clearly.  Taking the time out of your busy day and sitting down to talk with someone is extremely giving, on both your parts.  When you meet face to face you can see the other person’s facial expressions, watch their hand gestures, and examine their body language.  It adds so much more to the conversation, and they can see your reactions to all of these means of communication.

Communication is not just words spoken by someone and heard by someone else.  It is all of the different ways of showing how we feel about the subject at hand.  It is every grimace, each frown, all the smiles and laughs, the hand gestures and shrugs, the eye movements, the yawns, and the other body movements.  The sound of someone’s voice can change the intent of words, and the change in the mouth’s shape can divulge the true meaning of a phrase.

Does the other person actually look at you when they speak to you; do they watch your movements when they listen to what you have to say or answer?  Do they really listen to what you say to them; do you listen to their answers to your questions?  We all have our own agendas in our everyday living.  We must add to that agenda the steps to make our partnerships and relationships more meaningful to the others in those partnerships and relationships.  Enhance those relationships, either by writing, calling, or meeting face to face.

Let me give all of you a challenge: contact someone and engage in conversation about this subject.  Discuss your relationship with them and what their reaction to a thank you card, an appreciation telephone call, or a face to face meeting could mean to both of you.  Then, start taking those communication steps in your daily routine.

Then share your results or stories with others and here by leaving your comments for me to publish.  You can email me at Jim@SOC4Now.com, or you can call me at 360-314-8691.  You just may discover that you have better relationships than you previously thought, or you may find out some new ones.  Either way all of you win, both you and your partners.

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