January 29, 2012

Appreciation Marketing – Going the Extra Mile

Previously, I wrote about those who do the right thing.  That is those people who do what they should do, in their business and their personal lives and in their relationships with everyone.  They always take the extra steps, going beyond the accepted level of performance and never settling for “good enough”.  They believe that “good enough” is just not “good enough”.

This idea was brought to my attention again this week when I received the latest edition of The Costco Connection magazine and read the column by Wally Amos, the founder of Uncle Wally’s Muffin Company.  Thank you Wally for the ideas that you share with millions of people and for the thoughts that help people everywhere take their businesses, and their lives, to the next level.  I have referred you to Wally’s information before and will often, as I believe that his ideas are very important to how we should run our businesses and live our lives.

In his latest column, Wally writes about “going the extra mile” in your business dealings.  It means giving your customers, clients, prospects, everyone who you encounter in life, more than they expected from you and your business.  This is the basis for both karma and Appreciation Marketing.  Not only does it get the attention of the person involved, but it also shows that you believe they are special and that you do not take them for granted.  The secret is that the better that you make them feel, the better you yourself are.

Just look at everyone that you meet as someone whose life you can touch and improve by just giving them a smile or a word of encouragement.  Apply this philosophy to your clients, prospects, employees, vendors, everyone that you encounter.  If you are an employee, try this and see if you can make your employer better, make your work environment better, and make your own life better as a result.  Everyone can, and should, “touch” everyone.

Do you think that you already do the best that you can in your service to others?  Maybe you don’t think that you can afford to do more or you believe that you have reached the pinnacle of giving to others.  I challenge you to take a hard look again.  You can afford to do more because it will give you more to give.  There will not be a deficit in your account from giving to others; a surplus will result.  That surplus is yours to both enjoy and share even more with others.

If you think that you are the best, step up your game to new heights; we all get rusty and need to “crank it up some”.  I constantly meet others who are a challenge to my own levels of service.  I learn from them and thank them for showing me how to “go the extra mile” for my clients.  You can do this also; get going and set the example for others.  Then step it up some more and watch the karma work.  Whatever you put forth will return multi-fold to you from somewhere, someone.

Thanks for your comments, emails, and calls.  I could not write these blog postings without your help and ideas.  Please always feel free to comment, email me at Jim@SOC4Now.com, or call me at 360-314-8691.  Your stories make me laugh, make me see the goodness in others, and give me thoughts for sharing with others.  It is from sharing with others that our good karma grows and returns to us all.

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