December 25, 2011

Appreciation Marketing – Business vs Personal Life

My momma taught me that you cannot have one set of manners for when you are at home and another set for when you are in public.  Sometimes parents try to teach their children that they must behave “better” in public than they are allowed to behave at home.  How you behave at home cannot be different from how you behave in public.  How you behave in public will reflect how you act at home.

How does this theory apply to our business and personal lives?  You cannot separate the two lives from each other.  How you act in your business life is how you will act in your personal life.  What you do in one part of your life will show up in all other parts.  It is human nature, and we cannot control our nature so that the various parts of our lives remain separate from one another.  We are the sum of all of our parts, including our business and personal lives.

What if you believe in separating your work life from your family life?  You strive to keep your family “safe” from the trials and tribulations of your work life.  You want to show them that they are more important to you than your work is.  This is all fine and dandy, quite commendable in fact, if it is possible.  But is it possible, or is it even desirable?  Maybe it is not either possible or desirable.  Would that be better for us if it were possible?

Do you like what you do in business; are you proud of your business; would you consider yourself reputable in your dealings with others?  If your answers are affirmative, you should not isolate your business from your family; you should want to share what you do and how you do it.  It is a valuable teaching tool for your children and can be a source of pride for your spouse.  If you do not like what you do; if you are not proud of what you do; if you do not consider yourself reputable, maybe you should think about a new way of doing business.

Sure, it may be valuable to separate your day to day work actions from your personal life, but the attitudes and reasons for what, and how, you do what you do will also be found in your personal life.  How you treat your customers will be how you treat your friends, and even your family.  If you are ethical and honest in your family life you will be the same in your business life, and vice versa.  The reasons and attitudes will ‘”bleed” from one to the other, no matter how you might attempt to believe differently.

Trying to behave differently in either your business or personal life can be very stressful and tiring.  It is less work to be the same toward everyone in both.  Let the giving attitude that we have discussed previously flow from yourself to others, to permeate all aspects of our lives.  Treat everyone, personal friends as well as family, as well as customers, the same, with care and concern for what they need.  Don’t try to force what you want them to have upon them.  Don’t assume and don’t prejudge anyone; do the right thing whenever and wherever you can.

Your business and personal lives can work quite well as intermixed lives.  You just need to follow some time management priorities and remember that you cannot have different, and conflicting, ethical and professional aspects in any aspect of your life. 

Have some thoughts that you want to share?  Please leave me your comments, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691.  Remember that your manners in public times will reflect your private times, and your business life should be very much like your private life.  That intermix can be a very good thing that makes you a better person in all areas.

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  1. Thanks Jim- I agree with your premise that you cannot separate who you are. I also agree wholeheartedly that if you do not love what you do- you should find something else to do!

    Please feel free to visit (and LIKE) my company Blog- I would be honored to have you send me a FB message on what you think!!

    Cheri Perry