December 18, 2011

Appreciation Marketing – Are You Magnetic?

Have you ever seen people who were magnetic?  These folks just “attract” the goodness in their personal life or in their business life.  They always seem to “find” the great business connections; they always have good stuff “fall” Into their laps.  Who are these folks, and how do they attract all this goodness; are they really “magnetic”?

In the book “The Go-Giver”, co-written by Bob Burg and John David Mann, magnetic people are discussed under the third law of success.  This law, as described by Burg and Mann, states that “Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first”.  The law works because it magnetizes you, making you attract the goodness in others and in life.

Someone who places the interests of someone else first is considered to be a giving person.  They believe that their interests will always be taken of, if they place others’ interests before theirs.  They are known as givers; they always practice what is known as enlightened self-interest.  If you see what others need and assist them in obtaining what they need, your needs will be taken care of; you will get what you need.

So if you watch out for the needs of others and help them obtain their needs, you will attract what you need, whatever makes your situation better.  Your attraction for what you need is considered your influence over life; it makes you magnetic.  The Law of Influence works for you because it magnetizes you.  Of course, the more that you help others achieve their needs, the more you will be magnetic and attract what you need.  We also call this “karma”.

Karma is the principle that tells us that we get back exactly what we put forth to others.  If we send out positive feelings or actions we will receive back good feeling or actions.  If we send out bad ones, we receive back bad ones.  What we receive back may not come to us from whom or where we dispatched our feelings or actions, but we will receive the same level of feelings or actions from someone or somewhere, to the extent that we dispatched the feelings or actions.

Does all this mean that we should live our lives keeping track of our feelings and actions, expecting them to be received back one for one?  Not at all, we must stop keeping score.  Stop looking at life as win-lose, win-win, or lose-lose.  Stop keeping score on what we, or others, do.  Make your life one of giving to others with no expectations or records of who did what to whom and when.  Just let it happen and depend on your magnetism to take care of you both.

Those who know me well know that I found the love of my life some 16 years ago.  I did so because I stopped looking at relationships as 50-50, 75-25, or whatever.  I started looking for them to be 100-100, each other looking out after the other person whenever and however the moment requires.  We do not keep score, and we do not wait for quid pro quo.  We just do whatever is needed for the other person and move on with our lives.

During this holiday season, and as we move into the new year with its promises to change ourselves, try to become more of a giver.  You may find that it is impossible to stop once you start the process.  Then let me hear how it works for you by leaving me some thoughts, or email me at, or call me at 360-314-8691.  Your life will be enhanced, both professionally and personally, and you will become more magnetic towards others.

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  1. Good article Jim. You nailed my philosophy. Thank you. Dave Standal