October 30, 2011

Appreciation Marketing – Voices From Your Past

Recently I received a call from a past acquaintance who wanted to reconnect with me after a long period of being out of touch.  What causes this to happen, what can you do to result in this type of event, and what do you do when this type of event occurs?  Appreciation marketing is the answer for all of these questions.

We all have met people over the years with whom we may do business or not; we may even exchange referrals or not.  We may just meet them, have a few conversations, and then nothing else takes place.  Their impression of us is based on their personal experience while interfacing with us and maybe on our reputation from our dealings with others.

Then, we do not meet or speak to this person for some period of time.  They could have changed employment, or maybe they moved to a new location; perhaps they experienced a life altering event in their lives for the better or for the worse.  It doesn’t matter what happened.  What matters is that they suddenly return into our lives and reconnect with us.

What leads them to reconnect with us after a period of time?  I was asked by someone who called me after a period of more than a year why it took him so long before he decided to do business with me.  I replied that it did not matter, he was at that point now, and we should build on that event; we should not be concerned by the delay.

Maybe we treated the person with respect and appreciation, or maybe we did not pressure them trying for the quick sale; maybe we were professional and understood their reluctance to close a deal.  Maybe it was all of this.  People remember those who treat they well, with respect, professionalism, and appreciation.  People do business with others that they know, like, and trust.  If you gain this level of relationship building, you will have success.

By reaching this level of relationship building, people that may have been “lost” may reconnect in a manner that is mutually beneficial.  They may become business partners; they may become referral sources.  It does not matter how long it has been since you “lost” your connection; all that matters is that a reconnection is now made.  Honor the reconnection and make it mutually beneficial.

Treat the reconnected person with the same respect and appreciation that you did originally.  Listen to their story and how they reconnected with you.  Then assist them in the best manner that you can, building a new stronger connection and relationship.  Build a relationship that benefits both of you from that point on into the future.

Have you had one of those calls from “out of the blue”?  Why did it happen; what did you do to make it happen?  How did you react, and where did it lead?  Did the relationship gain strength, and how did that happen?  Please let me hear your comments, or email me at Jim@SOC4Now.com, or call me at 360-314-8691.  Who knows, maybe we have the same stories to share?

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