September 4, 2011

Appreciation Marketing – How “Good” Is “Good Enough”?

How often have we heard the phrase: “That’s good enough?”  What exactly is “good enough” for Appreciation Marketing believers?  Is it the level of product excellence that allows a company to “just get by” with meeting standards?  Is it the level of customer service that will not provoke outcry and backlash?  Is it the performance that only meets regulatory minimums?

Personally, I dislike the phrase “good enough”.  It implies that someone provides the level of service or the quality of product that meets minimum requirements, whether they are regulatory or buying public expectations, and provides no more than necessary.  If you analyze most regulatory requirements you will understand why regulatory standards are too low for nearly all public desire and need.

As business owners, we should strive to wipe the phrase “good enough” from our vocabulary, and that of our staff personnel.  Marketing “good enough” products means that we do not care about doing what we should do to appreciate those who spend money to purchase from us.  “Good enough” means that we do not care about our customers, our products, or our service.

We have discussed that we should provide a good product or service for a valid price.  Define the term “good”.  Is it just “good enough” or is it really the best that we can provide for the price charged?  Can it be better, or are we just “getting by” with only what is required?  Who defines the level that is “good” anyway?

I have stated many times that I strive to provide the type of customer service that I myself would want to receive.  We should treat customers as we ourselves want to be treated.  That opinion has provoked comments from my networking partners that I am wrong.  They tell me that I should treat others as they want to be treated, not how I want to be treated.

I disagree; my standards are higher than the normal customer’s.  I am “high maintenance” and want to be treated very well, not just “good enough”.  The average customer has come to accept what I consider to be below average customer service.  The state of normal customer service is now so low in most business transactions the customers have come to accept a level that they would never have accepted in the past.

It is time to correct this complacency.  We need to step up and stop being “good enough” and start appreciating our customers, our prospects, and everyone with whom we meet.  Start treating others as you want to be treated and be demanding in what you expect from others.  That is the way that we can change this “normal” level of behavior and service.

From our products to our service to our prices and to our everyday marketing, we can fix this abysmal level of customer relations.  It doesn’t take much, just consistent work, doing what we should be doing each and every day.  Make it a habit, and it will become normal operating procedure.  Be proud of what you market, including your service and relations.

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