July 3, 2011

Appreciation Marketing – Is Your Attitude Positive or Negative?

In our past, we have all heard about the importance of having a positive attitude.  We have been told that we are a reflection of our attitudes and that the others we meet will see our attitudes in our behavior.  Of course, negative attitudes will cause our behavior to be negative, not something that we want in our networking activities.

So, how do we keep a positive attitude when those around us are drowning in negativity?  First, maybe we need some new acquaintances, people who have a positive outlook in life.  Second, maybe we need to not become mired in the negative outlooks that others foster to the public.

Years ago, I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and rode BART to work every day.  Anyone who did this daily knows what a negative impact that would make on someone’s day, from getting to the station before daybreak to get a parking space, to ticket machines that did not work, to waiting for trains in the rain, to standing for the trip to work.   Then you did the reverse trip after work.

A positive attitude could literally make this experience more bearable.  Sometimes I just had to smile at the behavior of my fellow passengers; sometimes I just could not understand the logic behind their actions.  I rode trains before daybreak, midday, and after midnight, and I never ceased to be amazed by what some people did on trains.  You name it; I saw it.

My best remembrance of BART however came from a train operator who was on the first train to San Francisco from the East Bay every weekday.  When he announced the stops in Oakland and San Francisco, he always added the phrase “Have a nice day, but that is entirely up to you”.  It came to me one day that he was so right, it was entirely up to me.

My day, and my attitude, was completely up to me.  I could let the problems of each day make me swim in negativity, or I could just project a positive attitude and look at the good side of every day.  I could be glad that I could get out of bed that morning, stand up straight, see myself in the mirror, get myself dressed, have breakfast, and speak to whomever I met.

I had a job; I was reasonably successful; I had food in my refrigerator.  Sure there were some parts of my life that could have been better, but overall, I was reasonably happy and content.  Looking back, I just didn’t know that I could do so much more toward making myself, and others, feel more positive.

Take control of your own life.  Change your negative, or neutral, attitude into a positive one.  Make it your mission to change the attitude of someone else.  Project positive thoughts and feelings to others; literally see how many people’s attitude you can make positive, or more positive, each and every day.  Try just making them smile by being positive toward them.

For weeks, we have discussed how to make appreciation marketing your habit, both in your business and personal lives.  Saying thank you without asking for more business, giving valid and appropriate referrals, helping others celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, and showing appreciation in general all show a positive attitude.  This helps others see the positive aspects of life, enriching their own attitudes.

Please leave me your comments with your experiences with positive, or negative, attitudes.  Maybe we can learn from each other how to enrich everyone’s lives.  You can email me at Jim@SOC4Now.com or you can call me at 360-314-8691.  I always enjoy an interesting conversation.


  1. Very well said, Jim ... thank you!

  2. The day is what we make it - a few Christmas's ago we left really early for the 4 hour drive to Walla Walla. We wanted to arrive before noon (do not remember why). We packed up the rig and was on the road with plenty of time. Right before Cascade Locks we blow a tire. When we pulled over we had to unload the entire trunk (on the side of the road) to get to the spare tire. Put on the "fake" spare tire and drove to Hood River to buy a new tire at Les Schwab. Several hours later we were on the road again. It was already after noon and we were late (for what I do not remember). I did not let it bother me. About 1 hour before our destination the sun was going down and we were driving along the Columbia River. I glanced over and saw the most remarkable sunset. I pulled over to get the photo and to this day it is one of my favorites. I think we got that flat tire so that we would be in the right place for that special sunset. I choose to see it that way.

  3. Thank you Jim for the reminder of doing our best to always remain positive no matter what. Blessings to you.