May 1, 2011

Appreciation Marketing – Random Acts of Kindness

This past weekend I attended an open house and grand opening at the business of one of my network partners.  This is a relatively new business venture for a very nice couple who are quite professional and quick learners of Appreciation Marketing.

The several attendees present were very supportive of the business and wanted to contribute to its success through their attendance at the event.  Their attendance indicated their support for the couple’s vision and integrity and demonstrated how anyone can show appreciation for others by spending a small amount of time and effort.

The hosts’ supporters donated items of various value levels for a prize drawing and food for the event’s attendees to enjoy.  The business owners announced both the prizes and food with an appreciative reference to the donating person and their business.  If the donating individual was present, they were recognized for their generous contribution with a short promotion of their business.

This was a mutual appreciation for each other in a networking partnership.  Both the business owners who were holding the event and those who supported them, either through their attendance or their donations to the event, were engaged in Appreciation Marketing.  Mutually, they gained through their giving to others.

During the drawings for prizes, the donator of one of the prizes and the host decided not to award this prize to a drawing ticket holder but to a young child who was in attendance.  They publically recognized her as the youngest attendee and presented her with a very appropriate gift making a young girl very happy.

This random act of kindness reflected the integrity of both the host of the event and the person who donated the prize.  Random acts of kindness are great ways of showing appreciation to others.  We often discuss doing the right thing.  This was an opportunity to do something that was the right thing, and was a random act of kindness.

Each and everyone one of us has the opportunity every day to perform random acts of kindness.  Sometimes it is within the bounds of our business, sometimes it is outside our regular business duties.  Sometimes it is just what we should do if we stop and think about life.

As you go about your day, each and every day, think outside the box, use your imagination, and see what random acts of kindness that you can perform.  You will discover that they stop being random as your days go by.  They will become part of your Appreciation Marketing process, something that you do everyday, all day.

Look at what you did yesterday and what you will do each day.  Whose life can you impact in a positive manner, often for a small, inexpensive cost for you?  Then do the right thing; show your appreciation for someone else, perhaps for just their smile.  You will find that your kindness will return to you from unexpected places.

Want to share your experiences?  Leave your comments, and maybe I’ll include your stories in a future posting.  If you wish, call me at 360-314-8691, or email me at  I would like to hear what you have to share.  Who knows, maybe we have some experiences in common?

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