May 22, 2011

Appreciation Marketing – The Power of the Thank You

One of the best Appreciation Marketing efforts costs us nothing.  We never will run out of this item, and we don’t have to store them anywhere but in our hearts and minds.  I’m talking about the simple, but powerful “Thank You”.

You thought that I was going to tell you about some secret item that you could use to make others appreciate you more and never forget how you treated them.  Well, I just did.  A simple “Thank You” is very powerful and makes you remembered by everyone who hears it from you.

First, a “Thank You” costs nothing but a little effort on your part.  All you have to do is open your mouth, form the words, and speak them, over and over.  These 2 simple little words can mean so much for so many people.  We all have heard them, but we need to use them so many times more.

Second, when do you use these magic words?  How about everywhere that you go, you can say them to everyone that you see?  How about the cashier at the market; how about the mechanic that works on your car?  There is always the person who makes your coffee drink or the person at the counter at the movie.

These people are everywhere that you go everyday of the week, all the time.  They provide a service to you or sell you a product.  All you have to do after they provide their service or product is say those simple words, “Thank You”.  Make it a habit, and make it today.

It is not enough to mouth the words; you need to put some feeling behind them.  Don’t let them ring hollow; make the person know that you mean what you say, with good feelings and sincerity.   A smile on your part might even get a smile in return.  Then, both of you will feel great.

“Thank You” can be one of the most important phrases that you ever use.  It shows that you appreciate whatever the person did for you, no matter how small their effort, no matter how little money, if any, changed hands, no matter how you or they feel physically.

So start today, right now, say “Thank You” to someone, anyone, and repeat the words to everyone that you see, with whom you interact.  See who you add to the list.  What about the person on the phone, the person who you call, the person who calls you?  Use these simple words on all of them.

So what do you get back for all this effort on your part?  You should never give anyone anything with the intent of getting something in return.  Give to give, not to get.  That is the basis of karma.  Do good for someone else, and good will return to you from somewhere at sometime.

Our days are filled with opportunities for you to show appreciation to others.  Everyday, with everyone that you meet, you are marketing yourself.  Make everyone know that you are someone who gives to others, helping others to have a better day.  You will be surprised who you can help to succeed, and how this will return to help you succeed.

Please leave me your thoughts on this.  Maybe we can exchange stories, or you can call me at 360-314-8691, or email me at  I thank you in advance for your comments and for being better people.

1 comment:

  1. Jim nailed it! Our parents taught us this basic principle, when we were small children.
    Let's keep up the tradition of having an attitude of gratitude. When we get depressed, turn that all around by counting our blessings. We soon forget that we have so much to be thankful for.
    Yes, we need to appreciate what others do for us and I totally agree about giving to give.
    The other day a street person was asking for a hand-out. I gave him much more than a few pennies. His face lit up with a smile and he had so much gratitude! He walked away a pep in his step and I made his day, to give!
    It is better to give than receive!