May 15, 2011

Appreciation Marketing – Looking Back In Order to Go Forward

We all know that it costs us 10 times as much in time and money to obtain new customers as it does to keep the ones that we already have as clients.  What about those persons who are not already clients but are within our personal sphere of influence?

In his book “Endless Referrals”, Bob Burg discusses the 250 person sphere of influence that everyone has and how, when we meet someone new, we can tap into their sphere of resources.  Well, what about the sphere of influence that all of us already have?  We must not ignore that personal group that we all have at our fingertips.

This group includes our family members, friends, networking partners, former clients, and all those other people that are we know.  It also includes all your current customers.  Do we ignore them and go prospecting for new acquaintances, or do we focus our attention on them?

These are the exact persons for whom Appreciation Marketing works best.  They are the persons who already know you and how you treat others with respect.  Your relationship with them should be memorable and based on good thoughts toward you.  They should believe in you and your method of operation as a person.

Do these people consider you to be someone with whom they will do business again?  Did the former relationship end well, and did the former client believe that you appreciated their business?  Is the current relationship based on mutual appreciation?  Would the current client be agreeable if they could do it over again?

If these persons believe that you are a real networking partner, then you should able to approach them about your business now.  You should be able to tap into this market and develop some valid new prospects.  You should be able to reinstitute some former relationships, and receive some excellent referrals to new clients.

Maybe you have not paid enough attention to these people, these possible advocates for you.  If so, then it is time that you did.  It is never too late to say thank you for past relationships and past good deeds.  It is never too late to contact someone and see how they are doing and to see if you can do something for them.

Reach out and touch someone today that is in your group.  You may contact someone to whom you are close, or you could contact someone that you haven’t spoken with in too long a time.  It doesn’t matter; do it as soon as possible.  Every day that you wait will make it harder, but not impossible.  You will be a better person for it.

Karma means that when you reach out to someone you will receive goodness back from somewhere.  It does not mean that the person to whom you reach out will jump into your client list, if they are not there already.  It does mean that something will come to you from somewhere.  Try it for yourself; you will like the result.

This is not the time for pride to get in your way or for you just to look at this as a way to generate more business.  It is the time to do the right thing and make someone’s day better.  Make someone smile and make your self feel great at the same time.

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  1. I agree with your Karma statement. So many people get frustrated with Networking because they think each person they meet with will need/want what they have to offer. When they find out that is just not the case then they say "Networking does not work". I am a true believer in "What comes around goes around" you just are never sure where the source will be.