May 29, 2011

Appreciation Marketing – Doing The Right Thing

As we reflect on various points this Memorial Day weekend, we need to look at those who do the right thing.  What is that you ask?  Doing the right thing means doing what needs to be done, what should be done, without being asked, reminded, or told to do it.

One of the most familiar things that is the right thing to do is serving one’s country in a time of need.  Our service men and women are the best example of those who do the right thing and should be honored for that service.  Many of these men and women have served multiple tours, many without any hesitation to return for another.

Let us all take a moment this weekend to thank anyone that you know who has served or is currently serving this country in some manner.  Do not forget those who stay home, keeping the home and family together and waiting for their loved ones to return.  The spouses, the parents, and the children all are doing the right thing with their support, hopes, and thoughts.

What about those who volunteer to help in time of disaster, whether it is earthquake, tornado, or hurricane?  They are the doctors, nurses, firefighters, emergency personnel of all types, and just volunteers.  They are there when we all need them, doing the right thing, helping those who are in distress.

So, how about you just do the right thing and thank these people that you know?  Look them in the eye and say “Thank You” for their service, for their support, for their patience, and for their love.  All of this means so much in the whole picture, so thank them for their efforts.

However, we need to make an adjustment to this process.  While it is the right thing to make this effort during this period of reflection, there is more that we can do.  Why not do something on a daily basis?  These people make their effort each and every day; they don’t take off on vacations or holidays or weekends.

Here is the plan.  During this weekend, thank someone who is involved with sacrifice in some manner.  Then, during the remainder of the year, whenever you see them, or others, thank them again and again.  Make sure that they know that you care and that you are there for them if they need you.  Show them that you mean if.

Just like the other people whom we have previously discussed who have helped you in your life and for whom you should show appreciation, include these people in your daily efforts.  Your Appreciation Marketing makes you a better business person.  This same effort makes you a better person in general, improving your personal life.

It is impossible to split your business life from your personal life.  What you do in one is reflected and duplicated in the other.  It is like when my momma taught me that we didn’t have home manners and public manners.  We had one set for both parts of our life.  Make your personal life reflect your business life and your business life reflect your personal life.

This represents that karma process again.  What you do comes back to you, whether what you do is in your business life or your personal life.  Your life is your life, encompassing everything that you do, no matter where or when.  You are able to make your karma great, just by making your actions great.

For those of you who have left me your comments, called me with your opinions, or emailed me what you think, and believe, I thank you so much.  Even if you disagree with me, I want to have your comments, or you can call me at 360-314-8691, or email me at  Now go make someone’s day better.

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  1. Whenever I see someone in a military uniform I thank them for their service. I have found that the stories and conversations that come up from a simple thank you are priceless. It really does make service people feel great about what they have sacrificed when people (whom they do not even know) take the time to thank and talk with them.