April 17, 2011

Appreciation Marketing – Networking Newbies

Last week, I recommended Bob Burg’s book “Endless Referrals”.  Bob’s book details the networking process and explains how it can benefit everyone who follows those points.  He discusses how networking can work for everyone and informs us that we are networking whether we are in a large group or chatting with one other person.

But what if you are someone who is a networking newbie, someone who has never networked in your business life?  First, this book assists us in learning the “right” way to network.  Second, it teaches us some of the traits of “bad" networking, listing those people who we do not want to be.

Last week, I met a person who had never networked in her business career and was now trying to get the most from the experience.  Is this like learning to swim (just jump in, and flounder), is there a school one can attend, or is everyone else “born” with networking abilities?

There is no “school”, but there are numerous books on the subject, some good, and some just wrong.  Bob Burg’s “Endless Referrals” is one of the best.  In addition, we can talk to some people who seem to have the networking knack, those people who we see that seem to network seamlessly anywhere that they are.  We can network about networking.

Everyone has been at their first networking event once in their life, where they had no idea what they were doing.  No one was “born” with the ability to network correctly.  However, common sense gives us strong starting points from which we can succeed.  There are various ways to network depending on the type of event we are attending.

There is the “mingle” where everyone just mingles around, chatting with whomever we find ourselves in front of.  There is also the event where everyone introduces themselves to the room, giving everyone a short promotion on themselves and their business.  Then there are combinations of these variations.

When we see someone in either situation that is a newbie, we should introduce ourselves and then introduce them to someone else.  This will assist them in “getting their feet wet”, and it will indicate that we are people that they need to know better.  Look for the person “hanging out on the wall”, the person who may be hesitate about mixing into a group.

Appreciation Marketing means that we will help someone else to become the “expert” that we appear to be, someone who knows how to network.  Appreciation Marketing benefits them, but it also benefits us.  Just do the right thing, and karma will result in good things for all of us.  Someone probably did the same for us at least once.

Remember that people do business with people that they know, trust, and like.  These networking newbies might just be our next great customer.  Remember also that people refer others to people that they know, trust, and like.  Everyone has that 250 person sphere of influence to which we want access, and they want access to ours.

Leave me your comments about your experiences, either as a networking newbie, or as an experienced person who helps others.  Otherwise, call me at 360-314-8691, or email me at Jim@SOC4Now.com.  Maybe we can share examples that will make other people new to networking feel more comfortable.  Then we all prosper.

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