January 30, 2011

Giving to Others - Reality or Fantasy?

Giving to others sounds like a great slogan, but is it a real method of doing business, a real way of living, a valid method of operation from day to day?  Does it actually make sense; does it produce changes in lives, your life, and the lives of other people?

Perhaps you just don’t believe that there really are people who give of themselves to help others better their lives.  Perhaps you don’t see the benefit of helping others and how it can enrich your own life.  Perhaps you don’t believe that this method of living is what the person doing the giving really wants.

The reaction that some people have is “Yeah, right, that’s not what this is all about.  What do you really want?”  Some of these people will never believe that giving to others will produce great results because they have never tried or seen this type of living for themselves.  Some will not believe that giving to others will benefit them because they do not see the results directly themselves.

Make no mistake; we are discussing a way of living, not just a way of doing business.  Giving to others will benefit your business or work life, but it will also benefit your own personal life.  This benefit to your business and personal life may not be evident to you immediately or directly from those that you “touch”, but it will produce results.

We have discussed previously how business referrals can return to you through indirect routes, not directly from those that you first “touch”.  Personal actions can also produce indirect results.  Reach out and help someone outside your business life, and results will come back to you through a route that may amaze you and might not be immediately evident to you.

Recently I had the occasion to speak to someone who was in a work situation that might have been uncomfortable for her.  I said that I was just checking in with her to see if there was anything that I could do.  She reassured me that she was fine and wanted me to know how she appreciated my concern.

I attended a meeting later that day where I announced that she and her colleagues were still in their business location, doing fine, and working toward the same fine service that they always had.  I also encouraged her to write about her change in business ownership in a newsletter, reporting the stable situation of her company.

Some time later, she informed me that she was doing something for my wife and me that was indirectly related to either of our businesses.  This act of kindness was totally voluntary on her part and touched me deeply.  It literally “made my day” and proved to me the meaning of the mantra “Give, get, repeat”.  Thank you, Liz; you are wonderful.

There are those of us who are givers, and there are those of us who are takers.  I never wanted to be known as a taker.  However, for every giver, there must be a taker.  Without the two halves of the relationship, there is no relationship.  This is the subject that we will explore next time.

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