November 28, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness –Appreciation Marketing or Not?

Say you are walking through the grocery aisle and someone asks you where something is located.  Do you wonder why you were singled out, or if you look like someone who works there, or why this always happens to you?  Do you even look like someone who really cares?

Did you ever think that this is a golden opportunity to practice some Appreciation Marketing?  Why not help the person find what they are searching for (assuming that you actually know), or let them know, in a polite manner, that you just cannot help them, but perhaps you can give them the general location.

What have you just accomplished?  You have provided a random act of kindness, something that maybe they will pass on to others.  What if this person happens to see you again in a business environment?  Would they remember you for your kindness or would they remember you as the jerk who ignored their need for assistance?

Which one of the above will the person remember when someone may need what you have to market?  Which one of the above will they introduce with glowing comments to someone else at a networking meeting?  I think that you can see the possibilities here.

I am not saying that we should all prowl the aisles of stores looking for opportunities to assist the lost and confused.  I am saying that we should treat our fellow humans as humans, the way that we all would like to be treated.  It just makes good sense.

I heard the best customer service and etiquette consultant, Jodi Blackwood, say that you never know who someone that you meet may know.  That is so true, and you never know who they may refer to you, if they believe that you are professional, passionate, and yet personable in your business dealings.

So the next time that you can perform a random act of kindness, take the opportunity and try to do something nice for someone who you may never see again, or someone who may become your biggest fan.

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  1. Nicely said, Jim. Being "friendly" towards others is not difficult but it does require awareness ... of the words you speak, your body language, the expression on your face when you aren't thinking about it.

    When you interact with another person, you can have a tremendous impact on him/her. Wouldn't you prefer that it be for a positive reason, rather than a negative?